Working in partnership with National Highways

Evander has been appointed the main contractor, managing the Noise Insulation Scheme on behalf of National Highways.

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National Highways has identified specific noise 'hotspots', or Noise Important Areas (NIAs), alongside some of the country's road networks where noise is impacting people living close by. To help reduce the noise levels in these areas the Government has provided funding for the Noise Insulation Scheme. The Noise Insulation Scheme aims to provide acoustic glazing and ventilation to eligible properties affected by noise from National Highways' network.

There is no cost to the homeowner, this scheme is fully funded by the government. It is not a grant scheme and does not cover monetary equivalent or grant-based funds for works.

Eligible Properties

We will write to you to let you know if your property is eligible for the scheme. The scheme is not open to applications as the eligible properties have been pre-selected, all must be privately owned or occupied for residential purposes and located within a NIA. We will contact eligible properties as soon as we can to arrange property surveys.

Noise Insulation Scheme information leaflet image
Process flow diagram for Noise Insulation Scheme
If you have any questions or would like more information email or call 0345 155 2977 we'll be happy to help.