About Boarding Up Services

We offer a range of boarding, filming and hoarding services for domestic and commercial property. Our services include emergency boarding to make properties safe and secure following accidental or malicious damage and preventative boarding to reduce the risk of unwanted entry to sites, properties or premises.

Emergency Boarding

Our emergency boarding services are available 24/7 to help keep your property safe and secure in the event of any damage caused to windows and doors.

Emergency boarding is used to:

  • Protect broken glass and damaged doors
  • Provide security for properties of any size following a break-in, fire, flood or vandalism.

Preventative Boarding

Our trained service engineers use their extensive carpentry skills and knowledge of boarding on an emergency basis, to create non-intrusive and non-destructive measures to protect properties.

Preventative boarding can be used to protect:

  • Vacant properties and sites by reducing the risk of issues associated with trespassing or squatting; and
  • Unattended property during planned large public events or when civil disturbance is anticipated.

Benefits of preventative boarding include:

  • Safeguards from unauthorised access
  • Provides a visible and physical deterrent
  • Temporary doors can be created to restrict levels of access
  • Can be removed when required
  • No damage caused to glazing, doors or frames
Preventative boarding example for a client

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