Terms & Conditions For Consumer Customers


1. Evan­der war­ranties for the Goods – applic­a­ble to all consumers

We war­rant that on deliv­ery and for a peri­od of 12 months from the date of deliv­ery, the Goods shall:

  • con­form in all mate­r­i­al respects with the manufacturer’s specification
  • be of sat­is­fac­to­ry quality
  • be fit for any pur­pose We say the Goods are fit for or for any rea­son­able pur­pose for which You use the Goods
  • be free from mate­r­i­al defects in design, mate­r­i­al and workmanship
  • com­ply with all applic­a­ble statu­to­ry and reg­u­la­to­ry require­ments for sell­ing the Goods in the Unit­ed Kingdom.

2. Evan­der war­ranties for the Ser­vices – applic­a­ble to all consumers

We war­rant that on deliv­ery, and for a peri­od of 90 days from instal­la­tion, the Ser­vices shall be, or have been, pro­vid­ed with rea­son­able skill and care.

3. Addi­tion­al war­ranties pro­vid­ed by third parties

In addi­tion to the war­ranties pro­vid­ed by Evan­der, depend­ing on what Goods and Ser­vices are being sup­plied, You may have addi­tion­al war­ranties pro­vid­ed by Evander’s sup­pli­ers (the Third Par­ty War­ran­ty). If the terms of the Third Par­ty War­ran­ty pro­vide that the war­ran­ty that applies to the Goods is trans­fer­able to a third par­ty, then We will use Our rea­son­able efforts to trans­fer the ben­e­fit of the Third Par­ty War­ran­ty to You. In all cas­es, You are respon­si­ble retain­ing proof of pur­chase in respect of any Goods and/​or Ser­vices for which a Third Par­ty War­ran­ty is applicable.

Fur­ther infor­ma­tion about the Third Par­ty War­ranties and their terms can be found at the after­care and guar­an­tees page on our web­site.

Impor­tant Terms & Con­di­tions At A Glance

Our full legal T&Cs are found after the sum­ma­ry below, in which we set out some of the most com­mon queries. This sum­ma­ry forms part of, and uses terms as defined in, the full terms and conditions.

Please read the full terms and con­di­tions care­ful­ly before You sub­mit Your Order to us. These terms tell You who We are, how We will pro­vide prod­ucts to You, how You and We may change or end the con­tract, what to do if there is a prob­lem and oth­er impor­tant infor­ma­tion which is rel­e­vant to Your Order. When We use the term Evan­der’ below, We are refer­ring to Evan­der Glaz­ing and Locks Limited. 

Your Right to Cancel

Most of Our prod­ucts are cus­tom-made to Your spe­cif­ic require­ments, mean­ing that stan­dard cool­ing-off’ terms and con­di­tions do not apply, so You will not always be able to can­cel Your Order with­out charge after You have placed it. In par­tic­u­lar, there will be no cool­ing-off peri­od for the fol­low­ing prod­ucts (but please note that this is not an exclu­sive list):

  • Made-to-Mea­sure Glass
  • Made-to-Mea­sure Win­dow Frames
  • Made-to-Mea­sure Com­pos­ite Doors
  • Made-to-Mea­sure Garage Doors
  • Non-stocked Door Furniture

Our sup­pli­ers have vary­ing time­frames and dead­lines which apply to mak­ing changes or can­celling Orders. If there is any issue with Your Order, please call Us as soon as You can and We will do our best to help.

Stan­dard and in-stock items (i.e. not bespoke or made to mea­sure items) can be can­celled and returned at any time from the moment You place Your Order up to 14 days after You receive the item on the fol­low­ing terms:

  • For mul­ti­ple item Orders, the 14 day lim­it begins once You have received the final item (pro­vid­ed these are not dam­aged and are in good work­ing Order and condition).
  • If You wish to exer­cise this right, please con­tact Our cus­tomer ser­vice team on 0345 145 0130 or by writ­ing to Us at enquiries@​evander.​com, pro­vid­ing Your name, home address, details of the Order, a con­tact phone num­ber and email address.
  • If You do decide with­in this time­frame to can­cel Your Order, hav­ing already received the item(s) You want to return, then You have a fur­ther 14 days (after noti­fy­ing Us of the can­cel­la­tion) to return the item(s) back to us, either by post (which shall be at Your own cost) or if the items are not suit­able for post­ing, which is most often the case with Our goods, by allow­ing Us to col­lect them from You. We will charge You the direct cost of col­lec­tion. Please con­tact Us at the phone num­ber or email address giv­en above to arrange collection.
  • Once the goods have been returned, or once You have pro­vid­ed Us with evi­dence that You have returned them (such as a proof of postage), then We will refund You with­in a fur­ther 14 day peri­od (i.e. 14 days after We receive the items).
  • If the item has reduced in val­ue due to use or mis­use by You, then a deduc­tion may be made to Your refund at Our discretion.
  • In the event You make a postal return, it should be made to the fol­low­ing address:

Evan­der Glaz­ing and Locks Limited 
Lake­side 300, Old Chapel Way
Broad­land Busi­ness Park
Nor­wich, Norfolk

In sum­ma­ry, the gen­er­al posi­tion is as follows:

  • Time peri­od for can­celling Your Order: from as soon as You make an Order, up to 14 days after receiv­ing Your Order.
  • Time peri­od for return­ing Your Order: up to 14 days after You inform Us You have decid­ed to cancel.
  • Time peri­od for receiv­ing a refund: up to 14 days after We receive the returned goods or You have pre­sent­ed evi­dence of return to us.

How­ev­er please care­ful­ly read the fol­low­ing excep­tions to the gen­er­al position:

  • Tai­lor-made, bespoke and per­son­alised items are not cov­ered under Your Right to Can­cel”, so these Orders can­not be can­celled, returned or refunded.
  • If You can­cel Your Order after We have start­ed car­ry­ing out any of Our ser­vices (for exam­ple, fit­ting the prod­uct at Your home), You must pay Us for the ser­vices You have received up to the time You inform Us that You wish to can­cel the Order.
  • Where a ser­vice has already been pro­vid­ed in full, You are not cov­ered under Your Right to Can­cel”. This means that once You have had some­thing fit­ted to Your prop­er­ty by one of Our engi­neers, You can no longer return it or obtain a refund, even where this falls with­in the 14 day can­cel­la­tion window.

Instal­la­tion and Fit­ting Timescales

Any timescale for installing or fit­ting a prod­uct stat­ed in these terms or on an Order Con­fir­ma­tion is a guide only, and does not form part of any offi­cial quote or guar­an­tee on tim­ing. We reserve the right to vary these timescales as may be rea­son­ably required by Us. The instal­la­tion and fit­ting of all prod­ucts is sub­ject to the avail­abil­i­ty of the prod­uct from Our sup­pli­ers and of Evan­der engi­neers to fit the item at Your property.

Upon Order­ing an item, We will con­firm a suit­able date for instal­la­tion and fit­ting with You. Evan­der reserves the right to change any indica­tive timescales set out on this web­site with­out pri­or writ­ten noti­fi­ca­tion. If We need to change an agreed date with You, then We will attempt to con­tact You ahead of time using the tele­phone number(s) You provide.

Prices Detailed on this Site

Evan­der reserves the right to amend all pric­ing detailed on this web­site with­out any writ­ten warn­ing or notice. All prices on this site are indica­tive, and are sub­ject to a site sur­vey being car­ried out by Us at Your prop­er­ty. The prices on this web­site are pro­vid­ed for guid­ance only, and We there­fore reserve the right to amend these prices once We have inspect­ed the site and the works to be com­plet­ed, before any work is car­ried out. We will, how­ev­er, inform You of any price change, and will get approval from You to the revised price, before We com­mence any work.

Please note that all prices, incen­tives, pro­mo­tions and spe­cial offers are avail­able to con­sumer cus­tomers only, who con­tract direct­ly with Evan­der (i.e. not through any third par­ty, agent, or intermediary).

Full Terms & Conditions

Gen­er­al Terms & Conditions


1.1 The def­i­n­i­tions in this clause apply in the terms and con­di­tions set out in this document:

  • FEN­SA: the Fen­es­tra­tion Self-Assess­ment Scheme. 
  • Goods: the prod­ucts that We are sell­ing to You as described in the Order.
  • GGF: the Glass and Glaz­ing Federation.
  • Order: Your Order for the Goods and/​or Ser­vices (whether made by tele­phone, via Our web­site or otherwise).
  • Order Con­fir­ma­tion: a writ­ten doc­u­ment issued by Us con­firm­ing accep­tance of Your Order and set­ting out oth­er impor­tant infor­ma­tion about Your Order.
  • Ser­vices: the fit­ting, instal­la­tion and oth­er ser­vices that We are pro­vid­ing to You as described in the Order.
  • Terms: the terms and con­di­tions set out in this document.
  • Us or We or Our: Evan­der Glaz­ing and Locks Lim­it­ed, a com­pa­ny reg­is­tered in Eng­land with com­pa­ny reg­is­tra­tion num­ber 01484358 and reg­is­tered address at Third Floor Inter­na­tion­al Build­ings, 71 Kingsway, Lon­don, Eng­land, WC2B 6ST, with reg­is­tered VAT num­ber 945769467.
  • War­ranties: the war­ranties set out in Appen­dix 1 to these terms.
  • Writ­ing or Writ­ten: includes let­ters, fax­es and e‑mail.
  • You or Your: Our cus­tomer, who places an Order.

1.2 Head­ings do not affect the inter­pre­ta­tion of these terms.


These Terms and the Order are con­sid­ered by Us to set out the whole agree­ment between You and Us for the sale of the Goods and/​or pro­vi­sion of the Ser­vices.

2.1 Goods may vary slight­ly from their pic­tures. The images of the prod­ucts on Our cat­a­logues, brochures or web­site are for illus­tra­tive pur­pos­es only. Although We have made every effort to be as accu­rate as pos­si­ble, We can­not guar­an­tee Your prod­uct will be iden­ti­cal to these images.

2.2 If any of these Terms are incon­sis­tent with any term of the Order (as con­firmed by the issue of an Order Con­fir­ma­tion), the Order (as con­firmed in the Order Con­fir­ma­tion) shall prevail.

2.3 The Order is an offer by You to enter into a bind­ing con­tract, which We are free to accept or decline at Our absolute discretion.

2.4 These Terms shall become bind­ing on You and Us when: (a) We issue You with an Order Con­fir­ma­tion; or (b) We deliv­er the Goods to You or arrive at Your prop­er­ty to pro­vide the Ser­vices, whichev­er is the ear­li­er, at which point a con­tract shall come into exis­tence between us. This con­tract may be can­celled by You in accor­dance with clause 2.7 or as set out in the sec­tion above enti­tled Your Right to Cancel”.

2.5 We shall assign an Order num­ber to the Order and inform You of it. Please quote the Order num­ber in all sub­se­quent cor­re­spon­dence with Us relat­ing to the Order.

2.6 If We can­not accept an Order We will inform You of this and will not charge You for the Goods or Ser­vices. This might be because the prod­uct You have request­ed is out of stock, because of unex­pect­ed lim­its on Our resources for which We could not rea­son­ably plan, because We have iden­ti­fied an error in the price or descrip­tion of the prod­uct, or because We are unable to meet a deliv­ery dead­line You have specified.

2.7 With the excep­tion of any cus­tom made, bespoke or oth­er­wise made-to-mea­sure items (for which an Order may not be can­celled with­out charge) You may with­in cer­tain dead­lines (as set out in the sec­tion above enti­tled Your Right to Can­cel”) amend or can­cel an Order by call­ing Us on 0345 145 0130. Fur­ther infor­ma­tion about Your right to can­cel an Order is set out in the Order Con­fir­ma­tion. This clause is in addi­tion to and does not affect the sec­tion above enti­tled Your Right to Cancel”.

2.8 We have the right to revise and amend these Terms from time to time. You will be sub­ject to the terms in force at the time We send an Order Con­fir­ma­tion to You, unless any change to these Terms is required by law or gov­ern­ment or reg­u­la­to­ry author­i­ty (in which case, it will apply to Orders You have pre­vi­ous­ly placed that We have not yet fulfilled).

2.9 We only sell to the UK. Our web­site is sole­ly for the pro­mo­tion of Our prod­ucts in the UK. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, We do not accept Orders from address­es out­side the UK or for ful­fill­ment at address­es out­side the UK.

2.10 We reserve the right to change the Goods pri­or to deliv­ery to reflect changes in rel­e­vant laws and reg­u­la­to­ry require­ments, and to imple­ment minor tech­ni­cal adjust­ments and improvements.


3.1 We agree to pro­vide the War­ranties to You.

3.2 The War­ranties are in addi­tion to, and do not affect, Your legal rights in rela­tion to Goods and Ser­vices which are faulty or which oth­er­wise do not con­form with these Terms. Advice about Your legal rights is avail­able from Your local Cit­i­zens’ Advice Bureau or Trad­ing Stan­dards office.

3.3 The War­ranties do not apply to any defect in the Goods or Ser­vices aris­ing from: (a) fair wear and tear; (b) will­ful dam­age, acci­dent, neg­li­gence by You or any third par­ty; © use of the Goods in a way that We do not rec­om­mend; (d) Your fail­ure to fol­low Our instruc­tions in rela­tion to the use of the Goods, or (e) any alter­ation or repair You car­ry out with­out Our pri­or writ­ten approval or which is car­ried out by a third par­ty not autho­rised by Us.

3.4 We will take rea­son­able steps to pack­age the Goods prop­er­ly for tran­sit and to ensure that You receive the Goods in good condition.

3.5 You must noti­fy Us of any claims under the War­ranties: (a) with­in the peri­od of 12 months from the date of deliv­ery in the case of any claim under the war­ran­ty in para­graph 1 of Appen­dix 1; (b) with­in 90 days fol­low­ing Our com­ple­tion of the rel­e­vant Ser­vices in the case of any claim under the war­ran­ty in para­graph 2 of Appen­dix 1; and © in all cas­es, with­in the time peri­od spec­i­fied by FEN­SA and/​or GGF in respect of any war­ranties pro­vid­ed by Us as a result of Our mem­ber­ship with these bodies.

3.6 Clause 5 below sets out how We will deal with a claim under these Warranties.


4.1 We will take rea­son­able steps to pro­vide the Goods and/​or Ser­vices with­in the timescale spec­i­fied in the Order Confirmation.

4.2 Occa­sion­al­ly, deliv­ery may be affect­ed by fac­tors beyond Our con­trol and so the timescale spec­i­fied in the Order Con­fir­ma­tion can­not be guar­an­teed. We will con­tact You to let You know if We become aware of an unex­pect­ed delay and will arrange a new deliv­ery time with You. We will take rea­son­able steps to min­imise the effect of the delay. Pro­vid­ed We do this, We will not be liable for any costs, expens­es or oth­er charges or loss­es which may be caused by the delays, but if there is a risk of sub­stan­tial delay to Your Order, You may con­tact Us to end the con­tract and receive a refund for any Goods or Ser­vices You have paid for but have not yet received. For the pur­pos­es of these terms, We define a sub­stan­tial delay” as any delay that is longer than twice the amount of time quot­ed in Your Order Con­fir­ma­tion for deliv­ery of the Goods or Ser­vices. It is at Our sole dis­cre­tion to deter­mine that any short­er peri­od of delay con­sti­tutes a sub­stan­tial delay” for these purposes.

4.3 If You fail to give Us the nec­es­sary access to Your prop­er­ty to pro­vide the Ser­vices and/​or Goods, then, except where this fail­ure is caused by Our fail­ure to com­ply with these Terms, We shall have no lia­bil­i­ty to You for late deliv­ery, and We may charge You any addi­tion­al costs incurred by Us as a result. If, despite Our rea­son­able efforts, We are unable to con­tact You or are oth­er­wise unable to re-arrange access to Your prop­er­ty, We may end the con­tract. If We do so, We will refund You any amounts You have paid for the Goods or Ser­vices (sub­ject to deduc­tions for wast­ed deliv­ery charges) and will be under no fur­ther oblig­a­tion to sup­ply You the Goods or Services.

4.4 If We are not able to deliv­er the whole of the Order at one time due to oper­a­tional rea­sons or short­age of stock, We reserve Our rights to deliv­er the Order in install­ments. We will not charge You extra deliv­ery costs for this. For the pur­pos­es of cal­cu­lat­ing any sub­stan­tial delay”, the deliv­ery shall be treat­ed as com­plet­ed upon deliv­ery of the final installment.


5.1 In the unlike­ly event that the Goods and/​or Ser­vices do meet the stan­dards set out in the War­ranties, please let Us know as soon as pos­si­ble after deliv­ery and by no lat­er than the time peri­od set out in clause 3.5. We will inspect the Goods and/​or work We have done in the pro­vi­sion of the Ser­vices (as appro­pri­ate) and once We have checked and con­firmed that We agree that the Goods and/​or Ser­vices do not con­form with the War­ranties (as applic­a­ble) We will (at Our option) either replace or repair the Goods, or re-per­form the Services.

5.2 The War­ranties will apply to the repaired or replaced Goods or the re-per­formed Ser­vices for the remain­ing time left on the orig­i­nal war­ran­ty peri­ods set out in clause 3.5 (so that, for exam­ple, if Goods under a 12 month war­ran­ty are replaced at the end of the sev­enth month of the war­ran­ty peri­od, the replace­ment Goods will be cov­ered by the war­ran­ty for a fur­ther five months).

5.3 Noth­ing in these Terms will affect Your legal rights relat­ing to defec­tive Goods or Ser­vices. Where any Goods We pro­vide are faulty or are not as described, You retain all Your rights under the Con­sumer Rights Act 2015 and any oth­er applic­a­ble leg­is­la­tion. These include a right to reject faulty goods and receive a refund with­in 30 days of deliv­ery or instal­la­tion, and a right to request a repair or a replace­ment of any faulty goods. Addi­tion­al­ly, in respect of Goods that are defec­tive and can­not be repaired or replaced, You may be enti­tled to a full refund up to 6 months from the date of deliv­ery. Advice about Your legal rights is avail­able from Your local Cit­i­zens’ Advice Bureau or Trad­ing Stan­dards office.


6.1 The Goods will be Your respon­si­bil­i­ty from the time of deliv­ery. Own­er­ship of the Goods will only pass to You when We receive pay­ment in full of all sums due for the Goods, includ­ing deliv­ery charges (if any).


7.1 The price of the Goods and/​or Ser­vices (and any deliv­ery costs) is as as con­firmed in the Order Con­fir­ma­tion. If We have not pro­vid­ed a price in Your Order Con­fir­ma­tion, the price will be as set out in Our stan­dard price list in place at the time of the Order Con­fir­ma­tion. Prices are liable to change at Our dis­cre­tion at any time, but gen­er­al price changes will not affect Orders that We have already con­firmed in an Order Confirmation.

7.2 Unless specif­i­cal­ly stat­ed oth­er­wise, prices do not include VAT and We will charge You VAT on Your Order at the cur­rent VAT rate in place on the date of the Order. If the rate of VAT changes between the date of the Order and the date of deliv­ery, We will adjust the VAT You pay, unless You have already paid for the Goods in full before the change in the rate of VAT takes effect.

7.3 It is always pos­si­ble that, despite Our best efforts, some of the Goods We sell may be incor­rect­ly priced. If the Goods’ cor­rect price is high­er than the price stat­ed in Our Order Con­fir­ma­tion, We will nor­mal­ly, at Our dis­cre­tion, either con­tact You for con­fir­ma­tion that you accept the increased price before dis­patch­ing the Goods, or reject the Order and noti­fy You of the pric­ing error.

7.4 Pay­ment for all Goods must be made by cred­it or deb­it card unless We specif­i­cal­ly agree with You that in writ­ing in advance that We will accept pay­ment in cash, by cheque or by bank trans­fer to the fol­low­ing bank account details:


HSBC Bank PLC, Birm­ing­ham, B2 4JU

Account Name: Evan­der Glaz­ing & Locks

Sort Code: 401118

Account No: 42573989

You must always include the invoice num­ber or job ref­er­ence when mak­ing payment.

In all cas­es, what­ev­er the method of pay­ment, pay­ment must be made before deliv­ery of the Goods and/​or pro­vi­sion of the Ser­vices. Please note that Our engi­neers and sur­vey­ors do not accept cash on attendance.

7.5 With­out lim­it­ing any oth­er reme­dies or rights that We may have, if You do not pay Us for an Order with­in the time spec­i­fied in the Order Con­fir­ma­tion, We may can­cel or sus­pend the Order and any oth­er out­stand­ing Orders until You have paid the out­stand­ing amounts.

7.6 If You think Your invoice is wrong, please con­tact Us prompt­ly upon receipt to let Us know.


8.1 Sub­ject to clause 8.2, nei­ther You nor We shall be respon­si­ble for any loss­es that the oth­er suf­fers, includ­ing any loss­es caused as a result of Our neg­li­gence or a fail­ure to com­ply with these Terms, except for those loss­es that are a fore­see­able con­se­quence of the neg­li­gence or fail­ure to com­ply with these Terms. We are there­fore not respon­si­ble to You for unfore­see­able loss or dam­age, but We are respon­si­ble to You for fore­see­able loss and dam­age caused by us. Loss or dam­age is fore­see­able if either it is obvi­ous that it will hap­pen or if, at the time the con­tract was made, both We and You knew it might hap­pen, for exam­ple, if You dis­cussed it with Us dur­ing the sales process. 

8.2 Nei­ther of Us shall be respon­si­ble for the fol­low­ing types of loss­es, includ­ing where they result from Our respec­tive neg­li­gence or fail­ure to com­ply with these Terms: (i) loss of income or rev­enue; (ii) loss of busi­ness; or (iii) any waste of time. We are also not respon­si­ble for the cost of repair­ing any pre-exist­ing faults or dam­age to Your prop­er­ty that We dis­cov­er in con­nec­tion with Our deliv­ery of the Goods and Ser­vices. How­ev­er, this clause 8.2 shall not pre­vent claims for fore­see­able loss of, or dam­age to, Your phys­i­cal property.

8.3 We will take all rea­son­able skill and care in car­ry­ing out the Ser­vices. You also acknowl­edge that, in instruct­ing Us to under­take the Ser­vices, some unavoid­able dam­age may occur due to the nature of the works and ser­vices We car­ry out. While We will make good any dam­age caused to Your prop­er­ty, it may not be pos­si­ble to rein­state the prop­er­ty entire­ly to its pri­or con­di­tion. You accept that We are not liable for any dam­age or loss­es caused as a result. This does not affect Your right to expect Us to use all rea­son­able care and skill in car­ry­ing out the Services. 

8.4 The terms of this clause 8 do not exclude or lim­it Our lia­bil­i­ty in any way where it would be unlaw­ful to do so. This includes Our lia­bil­i­ty for: (i) death or per­son­al injury caused by Our neg­li­gence or the neg­li­gence of Our employ­ees, agents or sub­con­trac­tors; or (ii) fraud or fraud­u­lent mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion; or (iii) any breach of Your legal rights in rela­tion to the prod­ucts, includ­ing the right to receive prod­ucts which are: as described and match infor­ma­tion We pro­vid­ed to You and any sam­ple or mod­el seen or exam­ined by You; of sat­is­fac­to­ry qual­i­ty; fit for any par­tic­u­lar pur­pose made known to us; sup­plied with rea­son­able skill and care and, where installed by us, cor­rect­ly installed; or (iv) loss­es for which it is pro­hib­it­ed by the Con­sumer Rights Act 2015 to lim­it lia­bil­i­ty; or (v) for defec­tive prod­ucts under the Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Act 1987; or (vi) for any oth­er mat­ter for which it would be ille­gal or unlaw­ful for Us to exclude or attempt to exclude Our liability.


We will use the per­son­al infor­ma­tion You pro­vide to us: (a) to sup­ply the Goods or Ser­vices to You (includ­ing shar­ing with Our autho­rised sub-con­trac­tors and sup­pli­ers if required in Order to pro­vide the Goods or Ser­vices to You); (b) to process Your pay­ment for the Goods or Ser­vices; and © if You agreed to this dur­ing the Order process, to give You infor­ma­tion about sim­i­lar prod­ucts that We pro­vide, but You may stop receiv­ing this at any time by con­tact­ing Us using the con­tact details in clause 10.1. Please refer to Our Pri­va­cy Notice for more infor­ma­tion on how We may use Your per­son­al infor­ma­tion, and who We may share this with. We will only use Your per­son­al data as set out in the Pri­va­cy Notice.


10.1 How to con­tact Us You can con­tact Us by tele­phon­ing Our cus­tomer ser­vice team on 0345 145 0130, by email­ing Us at enquiries@​evander.​com or by writ­ing to Us at Evan­der Glaz­ing & Locks Lim­it­ed, Lake­side 300, Broad­land Busi­ness Park, Nor­wich, NR7 0WG. If We have to con­tact You We will do so by tele­phone or by using the e‑mail or postal address You pro­vide to Us in the Order.

10.2 You may not trans­fer any of Your rights or oblig­a­tions under these Terms to anoth­er per­son with­out Our pri­or writ­ten con­sent, which We will not with­hold unreasonably.

10.3 We can trans­fer all or any of Our rights and oblig­a­tions under these Terms to anoth­er organ­i­sa­tion, but this will not affect Your rights under these Terms.

10.4 If any court or com­pe­tent author­i­ty decides that any of the pro­vi­sions of these Terms are invalid, unlaw­ful or unen­force­able to any extent, the term will, to that extent only, be sev­ered from the remain­ing terms, which will con­tin­ue to be valid to the fullest extent per­mit­ted by law.

10.5 If We fail, at any time while these Terms are in force, to insist that You per­form any of Your oblig­a­tions under these Terms, or if We do not exer­cise any of Our rights or reme­dies under these Terms, that will not mean that We have waived such rights or reme­dies and will not mean that You do not have to com­ply with those oblig­a­tions. If We do waive a default by You, that will not mean that We will auto­mat­i­cal­ly waive any sub­se­quent default by You. No waiv­er by Us of any of these Terms shall be effec­tive unless We express­ly say that it is a waiv­er and We tell You so in writing.

10.6 A per­son who is not par­ty to these Terms shall not have any rights under or in con­nec­tion with them under the Con­tracts (Rights of Third Par­ties) Act 1999

10.7 These Terms shall be gov­erned by Eng­lish law and We both agree to the non-exclu­sive juris­dic­tion of the Eng­lish courts.

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