Modern Slavery Policy

This state­ment is made pur­suant to Sec­tion 54 of the Mod­ern Slav­ery Act 2015 and cov­ers the finan­cial year end­ing 31 March 2018. It sets out the steps the VPS Group has tak­en, and is con­tin­u­ing to take, to ensure that slav­ery and human traf­fick­ing is not tak­ing place in our sup­ply chains or in any part of our business. 

The state­ment is made by VPS (UK) Lim­it­ed on behalf of its UK sub­sidiaries (includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to VPS Site Secu­ri­ty Lim­it­ed, Red­fields Land­scap­ing & Design Lim­it­ed, Lotus Land­scapes Lim­it­ed, Evan­der Glaz­ing and Locks Lim­it­ed and VPSi­tex NI Lim­it­ed) and in its capac­i­ty as the par­ent com­pa­ny of the sub­sidiaries in the UK part of the VPS Group (togeth­er, the VPS Group).

This state­ment is also made on behalf of the par­ent com­pa­ny of VPS (UK) Lim­it­ed and the oth­er UK com­pa­nies with­in the VPS Group includ­ing Vacant Prop­er­ty Secu­ri­ty Lim­it­ed, VPS Hold­ings Lim­it­ed, Tyri­on Secu­ri­ty Bid­co Lim­it­ed, Tyri­on Secu­ri­ty Mid­co Lim­it­ed, Tyri­on Secu­ri­ty Debt­co Lim­it­ed and Tyri­on Secu­ri­ty Top­co Limited. 

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