Modern Slavery Policy


This state­ment is made pur­suant to Sec­tion 54 of the Mod­ern Slav­ery Act 2015 for the peri­od to 31 March 2017, and sets out the steps the VPS Group has tak­en, and is con­tin­u­ing to take, to ensure that slav­ery and human traf­fick­ing is not tak­ing place in our sup­ply chains or in any part of our business.

The state­ment is made by VPS (UK)~ Lim­it­ed on behalf of its UK sub­sidiaries (includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to VPS Site Secu­ri­ty Lim­it­ed, Red­fields Lan­scap­ing & Design Lim­it­ed, Lotus Land­scapes Lim­it­ed, Evan­der Glaz­ing and Locks Lim­it­ed and VPSi­tex NI (lim­it­ed) and its capac­i­ty as the par­ent com­pa­ny of the sub­sidiaries in the UK part of the VPS Group (togeth­er the VPS Group).

Our Busi­ness and sup­ply chains

The VPS Group is a lead­ing ser­vice provider for the pro­tec­tion of peo­ple, prop­er­ty and assets on a tem­po­rary or emer­gency basis. We offer a com­plete range of prop­er­ty pro­tec­tion, man­age­ment and secu­ri­ty ser­vices for vacant prop­er­ty, remote sites and infra­struc­ture projects and selec­tive­ly into occu­pied property.

We know that mod­ern slav­ery, forced labour and human traf­fick­ing (togeth­er, Mod­ern Slav­ery) is a glob­al issue across all busi­ness sec­tors. We recog­nise our respon­si­bil­i­ty to imple­ment and enforce effec­tive sys­tems and con­trols to ensure Mod­ern Slav­ery is not tak­ing place any­where in our sup­ply chains.

We use a care­ful­ly pro­cured range of sup­pli­ers who sup­ply goods that we ell or rent, pro­vide ser­vices to us and our cus­tomers, and sup­port the oper­a­tions of our busi­ness­es. These include con­sul­tants and advis­ers, con­trac­tors, sub-con­trac­tors and third par­ty sup­pli­ers of goods and equipment.

Our Process­es and policies

We have pro­ce­dures in place to mit­i­gate the risk of Mod­ern Slav­ery in our sup­ply chains. In par­tic­u­lar, detailed due dili­gence is car­ried out on our sup­pli­ers through a robust pro­cure­ment and sup­pli­er audit process.

We also have in place sys­tems and poli­cies to sup­port our efforts to mit­i­gate Mod­ern Slav­ery in our wider busi­ness, includ­ing the following:

  • Mod­ern Slav­ery Pol­i­cy — the pol­i­cy sets out our stance on mod­ern slav­ery, and explains how employ­ees can iden­ti­fy any instances of this and how to report concerns.
  • Whistle­blow­ing Pol­i­cy — we oper­ate a whistle­blow­ing pol­i­cy so that all employ­ees know that they can raise con­cerns about prac­tices with­in our busi­ness or sup­ply chain.
  • Recruit­ment pro­ce­dures — we oper­ate robust recruit­ment pro­ce­dures, includ­ing con­duct­ing eli­gi­bil­i­ty to work in the UK checks for all employ­ees to safe­guard against human traf­fick­ing. We also ensure all employ­ees are paid, at a min­i­mum, nation­al legal stan­dards, and that all employ­ees are pro­vid­ed with a safe and hygien­ic work­ing environment.

Our Per­for­mance Indicators

We will know the effec­tive­ness of the steps that we are tak­ing to ensure that Mod­ern Slav­ery is not tak­ing place with­in our busi­ness if no reports are received from employ­ees or any oth­er third par­ties that Mod­ern Slav­ery prac­tices have been identified.

The com­ing year

We have a zero tol­er­ance approach to Mod­ern Slav­ery, and we act eth­i­cal­ly and with integri­ty in all our busi­ness rela­tion­ships. Dur­ing the next finan­cial year, we will con­tin­ue to iden­ti­fy and assess poten­tial risk areas in our sup­ply chains across our wider busi­ness oper­a­tions, and will act swift­ly to mit­i­gate the risk of Mod­ern Slav­ery in the VPS Group