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Welcome to Evander

We are the UK’s lead­ing provider of emer­gency, respon­sive and pre-planned com­mer­cial glaz­ing, door and lock repair ser­vices. What­ev­er your require­ments are, our expe­ri­enced glaz­ing spe­cial­ists will ensure that your project is deliv­ered at the high­est quality.

As part of the VPS Group, we have access to unpar­al­leled resources, cov­er­ing the country.

Our Com­mer­cial Projects depart­ment com­pris­es a team of expert project man­agers, esti­ma­tors and tech­ni­cians with exten­sive expe­ri­ence in tack­ling large scale and spe­cial­ist com­mer­cial glaz­ing projects. 

We also offer a com­pre­hen­sive emer­gency glaz­ing ser­vice for com­mer­cial and retail premis­es too. This ser­vice is avail­able 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; pro­vid­ing emer­gency glaz­ing, make-safes’ (board­ing up ser­vices), and emer­gency door repairs and replace­ment as well as lock­smith services.

Our per­son­alised approach, com­bined with our focus on ser­vice and qual­i­ty, ensures that we pro­vide our clients and cus­tomers with a sup­port­ive, flex­i­ble and stress-free experience.

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