National Home Security Month

National Home Security Month is in October, when at the end of the month the clocks go back an hour and the nights start to draw-in earlier. At Evander we see theft and attempted theft claims follow a seasonal pattern and usually experience an increase from October as we move into the winter months.

Launched in 2013, the National Home Security Month campaign offers advice, information and support on how you can secure your property.

National Home Security Month logo

Here are just a few of our tips on ways to make your home more secure

  • Turn the lights on. When you go out, set your lights on a timer to give the impression that there is someone in
  • Use motion sensor outdoor lights. Solar security lights can be fitted anywhere exposed to daylight and don’t cost anything to run
  • Check the locks, inside and out. Make sure any gate or shed padlocks, garage door locks as well as front and back door locks are all working correctly, the screws are in place and the lock is lubricated
  • Install additional locks. Additional locks, such as sash locks, that cannot be seen from the outside will make it more difficult for a door or window to be forced open
  • Install a home alarm and ensure the box is visible on the outside of your property. Dummy boxes are also available and could be used in the interim while you wait for the alarm to be installed
  • Secure your garden, make sure it is enclosed. Put a lock on the garden gate. Gravel or pebble paths are a deterrent
  • Install smart technology, allowing you to see who is coming and going remotely via your smartphone. There are various options available including; doorbells with camera and audio, security cameras with or without two-way communication, locks opened via a PIN, key fob or your smart phone, and lighting which can be controlled from anywhere.