Tracked Garage Doors Explained

What is a Tracked Garage Door?

An up & over opening style is the most common way garage doors open in the UK, but the tracked mechanism gives an up & over door that little something extra. It keeps the popular ‘open from the bottom’ approach but prevents the door from protruding out of the garage opening when fully retracted.

Instead, the door moves backwards on tracks which allow it to fit snuggly inside the garage itself, lying flush to the ceiling. The lifting arms are positioned at the bottom of the door and support it when it’s sliding along the tracks. These are strong and can cope with larger and heavier doors with ease, however, they do slightly reduce the drive-through width.

The tracked up & over door can be easily converted to support electronic automatic opening and can provide the user with a smoother opening motion. This type of door is also thought to be easier to open than other mechanisms, so it may be better for those who struggle with other types of garage doors. Check out our full range to see what’s available to you.


  • Neat design – the door retracts fully inside the garage when open
  • Easy to use and smooth to operate
  • Can easily be converted to support electronic opening
  • British Standard & insurance approved
  • Secured by Design certified doors available (the Garador Guardian range)


  • Lifting the arms within the frame means a reduced drive-through width
  • Door takes up a lot of space inside the top of the garage when
    fully open
  • Door protrudes out of the doorway when opening
tracked garage door opening guide

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