Why Trust Evander

Evander is the UK’s leading provider of responsive, pre-planned and emergency home services. Whether you’d like to have a new garage door fitted, you feel the need to update your home security, or you need your property made safe after a break-in; we can help.

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We'll make your home safe

As an Evander customer, you can rest assured that any work we carry out is fully guaranteed, no matter the type of job. Each part of our business is scrutinised regularly by various industry bodies and accreditors, who help us to go above and beyond in customer service, job safety and engineer skills; among other things. When you choose Evander, you’re choosing quality, safety and professionalism – which are exactly what your property deserves.

We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to the products and services we can offer to make your home as safe, secure and smart as it can be. With 35 years of experience in property maintenance, improvements and repairs in both the residential and commercial sector, it’s fair to say that we’ve seen it all and have experienced all manner of related challenges. We’re dedicated to meeting our customer’s needs, and this means adopting new ideas and technologies so that we’re always one step ahead.

trust evander to make your home safe

We'll make your home secure

Here at Evander, we pride ourselves on providing a complete, friendly and professional service - whether you’re simply having a lock changed, updating your front door, or you are having a larger job completed, such as adding a conservatory to your home.

We are lucky to have over 300 skilled engineers in full-time employment with us, who are ready and willing to assist with making your property secure after a break-in. We cover the majority of UK postcodes and with depots located right across the country, your local team of highly-trained Evander engineers will not be far away when you need them the most.

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trust evander to make your home safe

We'll make your home smart

Evander can now offer smart home security products, packages and advice to help you keep your property safe in this new and exciting digital age. Smart home security incorporates new technology and allows you to control aspects of your home security remotely via your smartphone or tablet. This can include security cameras, movement and noise sensors, lighting and even the lock on your front door.

These features can provide a wide range of benefits for your family and your home, some of which you may not have considered. Being able to keep an eye on your home security, what your pets are up to, or whether your children have made it home from school safely – for example – can be invaluable. Many smart home security products can be linked up to your digital assistant (such as the Amazon Alexa) as well as your smartphone or tablet, giving you further benefits and control.

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Professional help and impartial advice

Whether you want to find out how to mea­sure for your new garage door, or you want to find out about the ben­e­fits of a cer­tain type of win­dow frame, we’ve got all the infor­ma­tion here – right at your fin­ger­tips. If you have any ques­tions about our prod­ucts and ser­vices and you’re unable to find the answers on our site, please feel free to get in touch at any time. You can call us on 0345 145 0130, chat to a spe­cial­ist right now, or use the below con­tact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Accreditations and Awards

As a professional, nationwide company, we feel that it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. In order to ensure the great quality of our products and services, we feel it’s important to be accredited by a variety of industry competence schemes. Many of these are not compulsory, but we believe that the independent testing and high standards set by these outside influences are not only important to give our customers peace of mind, but are also important to keep Evander moving forwards.

In order to keep these qualifications up to date, many industry regulators continue to test us in a variety of areas, from window installation to customer data handling. This is often done at our expense and if we fail to meet the high standards required, we can be stripped of our certifications. In order to reassure our existing and potential customers that we’re fully competent and that we’re keeping up to date with rising standards, we have worked hard (and continue to work hard) to achieve these recognised accreditations and awards.

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If you’d like to speak to a member of our team about any aspect of home improvement, maintenance, repairs and upgrades, simply give us a call on 0345 145 0130.

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