Sectional Garage Doors Explained

Sec­tion­al garage doors team the space-sav­ing mer­its of a roller door with the tracked mech­a­nism of some up & over doors and are an increas­ing­ly pop­u­lar choice.

What is a Sec­tion­al Garage Door?

A sec­tion­al garage door works just as its name sug­gests; it opens in sec­tions. Much like a roller garage door, the sec­tion­al opens from the bot­tom and moves ver­ti­cal­ly upwards, mak­ing the most of the space. How­ev­er, rather than rolling around a top cylin­der, the sec­tions of this type of door move back­wards along tracks which are mount­ed on the ceil­ing of your garage.

As the sec­tions move upwards and along a tracked sys­tem, the mech­a­nism doesn’t take up space at each edge, ensur­ing that you’ve got the opti­mum gap to dri­ve your vehi­cle through. The tracked style of up & over doors can be restric­tive in this sense, so if you have a large car, a small­er garage open­ing or are sim­ply a clum­sy dri­ver, then this may be the best door for you!

This door style is made up of larg­er pan­els than a roller garage door, which many peo­ple pre­fer looks-wise. Sec­tion­al doors can be oper­at­ed man­u­al­ly or elec­tron­i­cal­ly, and are easy to con­vert if you want to change your pref­er­ence. The robust design means that this type of door can be adapt­ed to many dif­fer­ent styles and sizes, mak­ing it a ver­sa­tile choice for any home.


  • Allows for the max­i­mum pos­si­ble dri­ve-through width
  • Sim­ple to operate
  • Ide­al for those with lim­it­ed space
  • Avail­able in a vari­ety of colours and materials
  • British Stan­dard & insur­ance approved


  • Takes longer to install than oth­er types
  • Takes up room on the ceil­ing of the garage when open
sectional garage door

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