Patio Doors Explained

Our wide range of dif­fer­ent patio door options, includ­ing slid­ing, French and Bifold doors, give you a great choice for your home. An effort­less tran­si­tion between home and gar­den can be achieved with our Bifold doors, or if you pre­fer a more tra­di­tion­al look, French doors may be for you. Our slid­ing doors allow you to choose how open you’d like them to be, giv­ing you flex­i­bil­i­ty when you have chil­dren or pets.

We have a wide range of mate­ri­als to choose from:

Slid­ing Patio Doors

Slid­ing Patio Doors can be fit­ted to both small and large open­ings and are made to mea­sure, allow­ing you to con­fig­ure them in the best way for you and your prop­er­ty. Slid­ing doors can be opened up to the full width of the slid­ing pan­el, mak­ing them per­fect for when the weath­er is good or you need to move large items in and out of your home.


  • Avail­able with alu­mini­um or uPVC frames
  • Indi­vid­ual door pan­els can max­imise your view
  • Size of open­ing eas­i­ly controlled
  • Doesn’t pro­trude from the open­ing inwards or outwards
  • Can­not slam shut in the wind


  • Will over­lap which will not allow the full space to be opened up
  • Not suit­able for nar­row openings
sliding patio doors pros and cons

French Doors

French doors are great for small­er patio open­ings and con­sist of two doors which open from the cen­tre. There is not usu­al­ly a bar run­ning down the mid­dle of the doors, so when you open both sides the open­ing is unob­struct­ed and wider than the tra­di­tion­al sin­gle exter­nal door. Our French doors are made to mea­sure, giv­ing you a com­plete­ly bespoke door set which fits your home perfectly.


  • Avail­able with sol­id tim­ber or uPVC frames
  • Suits a range of prop­er­ty styles
  • Can open one or both doors
  • Doors can be fit­ted with out­ward or inward opening
  • Glaz­ing can be enhanced with dif­fer­ent glass pat­terns and Geor­gian bars
  • Addi­tion­al secu­ri­ty upgrade avail­able — the Patlock


  • Not suit­able for very wide openings
  • Reduced glaz­ing area com­pared with oth­er patio door styles
  • Can slam shut in the wind if not secured
  • Space is required for either out­ward or inward opening
french doors

Bifold Doors

Alu­mini­um Bi Fold Doors and uPVC Bifold doors are a rel­a­tive­ly new prod­uct in the UK, but they’ve become extreme­ly pop­u­lar in a short space of time. They can span a small or large open­ing and are designed to fold right back to one side in a con­certi­na fash­ion. This will allow you to open your home right up, bring­ing the out­side in and real­ly mak­ing the most of your gar­den or view. Avail­able in alu­mini­um or uPVC ver­sions and made to mea­sure, Bifold doors can enhance almost any style of property.


  • Avail­able with alu­mini­um or uPVC frames
  • Can be pushed right back to make full use of the opening
  • Can open inwards or outwards
  • Can be fit­ted with a traf­fic door’ for ease of everyday-use
  • A low thresh­old can be fit­ted to ensure a seam­less transition


  • Door pan­els stack’ at a 90° angle, so space is required on either side of the doors
  • The frames will break up the view when doors are shut
bifold door

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