Composite Doors Explained

Our com­pos­ite front and back doors are pop­u­lar not just at the front of the home, but for use as a back or side door too. Ful­ly cus­tomis­able and resilient to envi­ron­men­tal stress­es, they can enhance the look of your home whilst still pro­vid­ing you with a high lev­el of security.

What is a Com­pos­ite Door?

Com­pos­ite doors are named because they’re made from more than one mate­r­i­al. Rather than being con­struct­ed from sol­id tim­ber or uPVC, com­pos­ite doors are made from GRP. This stands for Glass Rein­forced Plas­tic. You may know this mate­r­i­al by its oth­er name – fibre­glass. This is a ver­sa­tile and resilient mate­r­i­al that is used for many dif­fer­ent things through­out the world, from boats to under­ground piping.

Our com­pos­ite doors are made with a foam-filled core to ensure excel­lent ther­mal effi­cien­cy. This also keeps your door light and strong. In fact, a com­pos­ite front door from Evan­der is one of the most robust and long-last­ing doors you can buy.


  • Lasts for years and comes with a 10-year guarantee
  • Will not warp, peel or fade in the elements
  • High­ly secure with mul­ti-point lock­ing as standard
  • A wide choice of designs, colours and glaz­ing options to choose from
  • Suits tra­di­tion­al and mod­ern style houses
  • Low main­te­nance – just needs wip­ing with a cloth every now and again
  • Extreme­ly good ther­mal efficiency


  • Slight­ly more expen­sive than a uPVC Door
external composite door

And that’s it for Cons. We’re seri­ous. Although the price of a new Com­pos­ite door might be a deal break­er for some peo­ple, when you start to fac­tor in all the above Pros, a Com­pos­ite door is actu­al­ly extreme­ly good val­ue for mon­ey in the long run. That’s why com­pos­ite doors are now fit­ted as stan­dard on new builds and have over­tak­en uPVC doors as the UK’s pre­ferred exter­nal door choice.

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