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Mak­ing your home a smart home

Evan­der is proud to offer smart home devices and smart home
prod­ucts. We offer bespoke pack­ages and spe­cial­ist advice to help make your home safe in this new and excit­ing dig­i­tal age. 

In the next few years, wire­less cam­eras, video door­bells, smart locks and smart light­ing will be a stan­dard across UK house­holds and here at Evan­der, we’re ready to help you along the way. We offer impar­tial advice, secu­ri­ty sur­veys and pro­fes­sion­al instal­la­tion services. 

So you can relax know­ing that your home is Safe, Secure and Smart

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Smart home secu­ri­ty incor­po­rates new tech­nol­o­gy and allows you to con­trol aspects of your home secu­ri­ty remote­ly via your smart­phone or tablet. This can include secu­ri­ty cam­eras, move­ment and noise sen­sors, light­ing and even the lock on your front door. These fea­tures can pro­vide a wide range of ben­e­fits for your fam­i­ly and your home, some of which you may not have considered. 

Being able to keep an eye on your home secu­ri­ty, what your pets are up to, or whether your chil­dren have made it home from school safe­ly – for exam­ple – can be invaluable. 

Many smart home secu­ri­ty prod­ucts can be linked up to your dig­i­tal assis­tant (such as the Ama­zon Alexa) as well as your smart­phone or tablet, giv­ing you fur­ther ben­e­fits and control.

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An intro­duc­tion to Smart Homes

What is a Smart Home?

A smart home is one which uses the inter­net to con­nect var­i­ous devices to each oth­er, both inside and out­side, and allows you to con­trol these fea­tures via your smart­phone, tablet or even through voice com­mands. This can be as sim­ple as being able to turn on a light remote­ly, or as com­plex as being able to see and com­mu­ni­cate with some­one at your door even when you are miles away, and choos­ing whether or not to unlock the door for them via your smart lock.

A smart home utilis­es the ben­e­fits of the Inter­net of Things’ – a term which is used to describe items that can be con­nect­ed to the inter­net so they can be used remote­ly and/​or so they can pro­vide infor­ma­tion to the user and to each oth­er. Putting the inter­net into every day, phys­i­cal items can have a huge range of ben­e­fits and could make your home a more com­fort­able and effi­cient envi­ron­ment for all the fam­i­ly. If you have an Ama­zon Alexa or sim­i­lar dig­i­tal assis­tant, you’ll be hap­py to know that most smart home prod­ucts can be linked up to this too.

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How pop­u­lar is Smart Home Technology?

You may be sur­prised to find that smart home tech­nol­o­gy has like­ly already found its way into your home. Over half (66%) of res­i­den­tial homes in the UK already have a smart TV, and a recent sur­vey car­ried out on behalf of Smart Home Week found that 43% of peo­ple have at least one smart device’ in their home; such as a ther­mo­stat, for exam­ple. These prod­ucts are pop­u­lar and as they are among the first smart prod­ucts to become an every­day part of the aver­age home, many may not realise that they fall under the smart home’ umbrella. 

When it comes to think­ing about the future, 60% of UK res­i­dents would upgrade to smart tech rather than replace items with anoth­er stan­dard prod­uct, which shows that smart home tech­nol­o­gy is seen as the inevitable next step, and is like­ly to become the norm in the years to come. In fact, 64% of sur­vey respon­dents had spent mon­ey on smart tech in the last 12 months, spend­ing an aver­age of £250. Spend­ing on smart tech­nol­o­gy is expect­ed to increase by 30% over the fol­low­ing year – a fur­ther nod towards smart homes becom­ing a big­ger part of mod­ern life in 2020 and beyond. 

How can Smart Tech­nol­o­gy help secure my property?

When it comes to why peo­ple want to invest in smart home tech­nol­o­gy, the Smart Home Week study found that 48% state safe­ty and secu­ri­ty as their biggest incen­tive, with 35% cit­ing com­fort and con­ve­nience as rea­sons to want smart tech in their homes. Thank­ful­ly, there are plen­ty of smart home prod­ucts out there which can help you make your home safer and more secure than ever before. 

Smart Home Prod­ucts and Pro­fes­sion­al Installation

Smart Home Wire­less Cameras

Set­ting up a smart home wire­less cam­era in your home can pro­vide a vast amount of reas­sur­ance as far as your home secu­ri­ty is con­cerned, par­tic­u­lar­ly for those who have expe­ri­enced a break-in before. Being able to check on your home’s inte­ri­or and exte­ri­or areas via your smart­phone or tablet can be invalu­able – you can see if your chil­dren got home from school safe­ly, if your pets are behav­ing, or even iden­ti­fy some­one who is look­ing around your prop­er­ty in a sus­pi­cious manner.

Some wire­less cam­eras include a two-way com­mu­ni­ca­tion fea­ture and night vision is also incor­po­rat­ed into many designs. Your phone will be noti­fied when move­ment is detect­ed and you can mon­i­tor the cam­eras at any time.

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smart home video doorbell

Video Door­bells

A video door­bell allows you to see who is at your door via a cam­era which is incor­po­rat­ed into the door­bell itself. You can check this from inside your home or from miles away, as all infor­ma­tion is sent, wire­less, to and from your smart­phone or tablet. Smart video door­bells have HD pic­ture qual­i­ty and some will allow you to com­mu­ni­cate back to the vis­i­tor via audio or both audio and visu­al, so they can see you as well as hear you. 

The full scope of ben­e­fits you can get from a smart home video door­bell may not be obvi­ous until you use one, but they can be a very use­ful piece of kit. For instance, they can help the elder­ly or those who strug­gle with fast move­ment to answer the door with­out hav­ing to get up, and it can help you to iden­ti­fy who is vis­it­ing your home while you are away.

Even if you are not there to answer the door in per­son, a video door­bell has many prac­ti­cal uses. Being able to com­mu­ni­cate with a par­cel deliv­ery dri­ver while you are at work so you can ask them to leave the par­cel in a safe place, for exam­ple, is prefer­able to hav­ing to make a sep­a­rate trip to the post depot to col­lect it at a lat­er date. 

Smart Locks

One of the more futur­is­tic devices avail­able for your smart home is the smart lock. Gone are the days of hav­ing to remem­ber your keys or wor­ry­ing about leav­ing a key for a neigh­bour when you go away – smart locks can be opened via your smart­phone or some­times with a PIN or key fob. You can set up tem­po­rary access for trust­ed deliv­er­ies and mon­i­tor when it’s being locked and unlocked by oth­ers in your house­hold (anoth­er way to keep an eye on the kids!). 

Some smart locks come with an inte­grat­ed cam­era or cam­era link-up capa­bil­i­ties, which can allow you to view who is at your door before decid­ing whether or not to unlock the door for them. 

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smart home smart lights

Smart Light­ing

Smart light­ing may sound more like a con­ve­nience issue than a secu­ri­ty one, but being able to turn lights on and off remote­ly can have a very pos­i­tive effect on your over­all home secu­ri­ty. This is espe­cial­ly true in the win­ter months when the nights draw in and you may leave for and return from work in the dark.

You may be delayed or decide to stay out longer than usu­al on short notice – being able to pop a light on will ensure that your home does not look emp­ty and there­fore appeal­ing to thieves.

What if I don’t under­stand how Smart Home Sys­tems work?

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Hav­ing a smart home isn’t just for the wealthy few or for those who can under­stand com­pli­cat­ed tech­nol­o­gy – smart homes are already here and they are for every­one. Prod­ucts are being designed to be sim­ple to use, so even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you should still be able to ben­e­fit from these smart prod­ucts with ease. If you are able to use a smart­phone or a tablet, then using smart home tech­nol­o­gy should be with­in your capabilities.

If you have con­cerns about installing and set­ting up your smart home prod­ucts on your own, here at Evan­der we offer a full instal­la­tion ser­vice for our smart home secu­ri­ty offer­ing and will hap­pi­ly help you to under­stand how every­thing works. With 47% of peo­ple find­ing smart tech­nol­o­gy a lit­tle over­whelm­ing, we under­stand that sup­port and guid­ance are need­ed as part of the process, and we’re hap­py to offer as much or as lit­tle assis­tance as you require.

Call us today on 0345 145 0130 or use our con­tact form for fur­ther infor­ma­tion or to request a quote. We’re hap­py to answer any ques­tions you may have about smart home secu­ri­ty and how it can ben­e­fit your par­tic­u­lar household.

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