Covid-19 Letter of Authority

Letter of Essential Travel Authority – COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic

27 March 2020

To whom it may concern

This letter serves to confirm that the holder is required by its employer, Evander, to travel between their home and premises operated by Evander, or premises occupied by a customer, to perform make safe, secure, glazing & locks services. These services cannot be provided from home or remotely. In accordance with guidance issued by the Government of the United Kingdom with regard to the propagation of the COVID-19 virus, the services provided by Evander are essential and have not been restricted by government guidance.

Evander provide emergency make safe and securing services to both domestic, people in their homes and commercial properties including local businesses. The need for these services can be as a result of a break-in, theft, malicious or accidental damage. These are essential services.

During the current COVID-19 crisis a number of businesses are in unchartered territory closing their doors for the foreseeable future and they turn to trusted companies like ours to ensure their businesses are appropriately protected against any malicious damage or opportunistic thieves. Similarly a number of home owners find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having been victims of a crime and likewise require our services.

Should there be a need to confirm the validity of this letter of authority, or to seek clarification on its contents, please contact Evander on 0345 111 4414 or


PL Signature

Paul Lewis

Managing Director