Windows FAQ

  • Are all uPVC win­dows the same?

In short, no. Dif­fer­ent com­pa­nies may use vary­ing qual­i­ties and strengths of uPVC frames. Some may use old­er designs that have a low­er lev­el of secu­ri­ty. Remem­ber that the ener­gy effi­cien­cy rat­ing of a win­dow alone does not indi­cate qual­i­ty, though this is an impor­tant ele­ment to con­sid­er. We install Ener­gy Effi­cient B‑rated uPVC win­dows that are insur­ance approved as a stan­dard and made in a state-of-the-art man­u­fac­tur­ing plant.

  • Do I need to replace the win­dow frame if my glaz­ing mists up?

If the win­dow frame is in good con­di­tion, you can have just the glass replaced when the seal has failed. You could even upgrade your glaz­ing unit to Grade‑A glaz­ing that saves you more on your ener­gy bills.

  • How long will it take to install my new windows?

On aver­age, it takes our engi­neers around 3 hours to fit one win­dow. If you’re hav­ing all your win­dows replaced, we may book this in over two or three days. Our sur­vey­or will be able to give you a bet­ter idea of tim­ings at your free survey.

  • What main­te­nance will my new win­dows require?

Dou­ble and triple glaz­ing should be cleaned with a soft cloth with water and wash­ing-up liq­uid. When there’s more dirt and grime than nor­mal, we sug­gest a com­mer­cial win­dow clean­ing solu­tion. Please remem­ber to keep the solu­tion away from the frame and wash away any residue with clean water.

Often, the most effec­tive care meth­ods for clean­ing and extend­ing the lifes­pan of a win­dow frame are real­ly very sim­ple. Using a soft cloth with water and some wash­ing up liq­uid is the eas­i­est and best way to keep your frames clean.

Please do not use:

* Glass clean­er on frames
Any oth­er clean­ing agent
Caus­tic or ammo­nia-based clean­ing agents
Scour­ing pow­der or oth­er abra­sive clean­ers
Steel wool or scour­ing pads

Tim­ber win­dow frames will need treat­ing every 1 or 2 years depend­ing on the envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions. South-fac­ing win­dows may need treat­ing more fre­quent­ly than oth­ers due to the direc­tion of the sun.

  • What types of win­dows do you fit?

We fit a wide vari­ety of uPVC, alu­mini­um, and tim­ber win­dows. For fur­ther infor­ma­tion, see our Win­dows page.

  • Which win­dow frame mate­r­i­al is best for me?

This depends on a num­ber of fac­tors, includ­ing your per­son­al taste, the look of your home and your bud­get. Some prop­er­ties (such as ones which are list­ed or locat­ed in a con­ser­va­tion area) will only be per­mit­ted to have tim­ber win­dows. In fact, some list­ed build­ings will require like-for-like win­dow replace­ments, so it’s impor­tant to check with your local author­i­ty before mak­ing any changes to an old build­ing. Alu­mini­um and uPVC frames are both rel­a­tive­ly main­te­nance-free, with alu­mini­um suit­ing more mod­ern prop­er­ties. If you like the look of tim­ber win­dow frames but your bud­get doesn’t stretch to the real deal, then uPVC with a tim­ber-effect fin­ish may be the best solu­tion for you. Take a look at your neigh­bour­hood and con­sid­er how you want your prop­er­ty to look – you can also ask the opin­ion of our expe­ri­enced sur­vey­or dur­ing your free survey.

  • Why are there no win­dow prices on your website?

We have not list­ed prices for our win­dows, as it’s hard to give a gen­er­al idea of what it will cost due to the sheer amount of options avail­able. We can make win­dows to almost any size or con­fig­u­ra­tion, so we advise that you call us on 0345 145 0130 to arrange a free, no oblig­a­tion sur­vey of your prop­er­ty. We’ll then be able to pre­pare a com­pre­hen­sive quote for you and go from there.

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