Return to Work Services

COVID-19 Adhesive Graphics

These graphics are anti-slip, and easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue. They can be applied to a variety of surfaces including, floors, windows, doors and walls. As a floor graphic they can be used to promote social distancing and are a way of clearly marking safe routes and managing the direction of travel, for customers and employees in the workplace.

They can be cleaned with warm water.

Example COVID-19 Graphic

Perspex Screens

Perspex screens act as a protective barrier to airborne droplets, to help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. The screens are clear allowing full observation and can be fitted on a permanent or temporary basis. These screens can be free standing, suspended from the ceiling, or connected directly to desks and work surfaces.

They are easy to clean using anti-viral disinfectant

Example freestanding perspex screen

Fever Screening

Infrared non-contact body temperature monitors can take quick body temperature measurements to identify individuals that may be displaying symptoms of COVID-19. They take temperatures accurately and in real-time, providing an instant reading, issuing an alert when out of range temperatures are detected.

Options range from fixed cameras to handheld devices and are suitable for use in a number of environments such as receptions and shops. As a non-contact temperature measurement, it protects both parties during the fever screening.

Example of Fever Cam in Action

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