Boarding and Hoarding Services

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are able to support clients where there is a requirement to restrict access to commercial or domestic premises.

Our trained Engineers use their extensive carpentry skills and knowledge of boarding on an emergency basis, to create non-intrusive and non-destructive measures to protect properties. These measures act as both visible and physical deterrents and are fitted by DBS checked Engineers.

Our hoarding services are suitable for areas where traditional boarding cannot be utilised, for example where glazing is flush or extrudes from the building perimeter, or where boarding would prove an insufficient deterrent to entry.

Additional benefits include:

  • Cost-effective method of securing a property (in relation to manned guarding and other alternatives)
  • Can be combined with temporary doors if infrequent access still required to a building
  • Helpful to protect large areas of glass from being smashed alleviating both a potential security and safety risk
  • Free quotation and no need for a site survey

Our services can be combined to include disinfection of the property or a look see service to check on the integrity of the building on a regular basis after fitting of the boarding and hoarding. Click here for more information

Engineer Fitting Board
Extensive Boarding Example


Will this damage the fabric of the building or the glazing?

No – we utilise carpentry techniques such as wedging and bracing to ensure that we do not need to screw into the fabric of the building.

How long does it take?

The time required is dependent on the size of the area requiring boarding/hoarding and the complexity of the solution required. Fitting is often completed within a working day.

How expensive is this service?

Boarding and hoarding solution costs differ significantly based on the size and complexity of the fitting required however these remain cheaper than a number of other security methods.

Do I need someone on site when installing?

No, there is no need for anyone to be on site if no access to the building is required. If any boarding/hoarding solutions involve temporary access, we can arrange for keys to be posted to a key holder or, for a key collection service to be made available.

What materials do you use?

We utilise OSB boards for our solutions these are high quality engineered timber panels suitable for outdoor usage that contain no knots or voids. Other timber used includes CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard) for creating frames and braces alongside security screws (requires specialist screwdriver/tool to remove).

For more information regarding any of our traditional or additional services please contact us on: 0345 145 0130 or alternatively by email at