Timber Georgian Bar Window

Our timber Georgian Bar windows are designed to look very traditional, as the glazing is segmented into smaller areas. The decorative bars themselves are built into the glazing, meaning that you still have a single, uninterrupted pane. This keeps it as secure as possible whilst still looking very traditional. Our timber frames are available in multiple woodstain colours, giving you plenty of choice and versatility when it comes to matching your new windows to the style of your home.

All prices quote by us include VAT, delivery, installation and the removal of your old windows. We will check sizing and specifications prior to creating a quote for you through a FREE, no obligation survey. Book in with us today for a time to suit you.


Timber, although a very traditional window frame material, is now just as durable and efficient as the more modern uPVC or aluminium frames available. It will need more maintenance over its lifetime than other window types, but with the correct care timber frames can last for decades. With multi-point locking systems installed as standard, you can also be sure that your new frames are as safe and secure as any other window type. Timber is also very thermally efficient, meaning that you’ll lose little heat through the frames, and with the addition of double or triple glazing you will probably find that your heating bills are reduced – especially in the winter months.


We have a wide choice of different finishes and security upgrades available for our windows range. Please get in touch to find out what is available for your desired window specification.

Glazing Options

Our Georgian Bar windows have decorative timber bars within the glazing as standard. This glazing can be double or triple glazed, and can be toughened should you want some extra security.
 Window Glazing Options


Rose wood
Golden oak