Timber Flying Mullion Window

Our timber flying mullion window is perfect for those who have more traditional looking properties with a great view. The window leaves open outwards, leaving no central column. This means you can have a completely unspoilt view of your garden or the land around your home. The timber itself is available in multiple different woodstain colours, which gives you plenty of options when adapting your new frames to suit the style of your property.

As our windows are made to order, we will need to conduct a FREE no obligation survey of your home in order to determine the correct size and specification of your new window(s). Once this has been done, a quote will be provided to you. This will include VAT, delivery, installation and the correct disposal of your old windows.


Timber is a very versatile material and has been used for window frames for centuries. Although it’s become less popular since the advent of uPVC and aluminium window frames, modern construction techniques mean that it’s just as secure and durable as other window types, although it will need a little extra maintenance than other materials. Treating your window frames on a regular basis will help to keep them in tip top condition. One of our highly trained engineers will be able to advise you on how often you should do this after taking into account the environmental factors at play around your home.


We have a wide choice of different finishes and security upgrades available for our windows range. Please get in touch to find out what is available for your desired window specification.

Glazing Options

Our timber windows have both double and triple glazing options, depending on your requirements and your budget. For those who’d like an extra level of privacy, we also offer obscure glazing. You may also upgrade to toughened glass for that additional peace of mind.
 Window Glazing Options 


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