As a student, no matter which year you’re in, there’s probably a lot occupying your thoughts. From essay deadlines to making your money last to what you’re going to eat tonight, it’s not surprising that some things get forgotten. To this end it’s understandable that, although it’s a very important aspect of your new found independence, home security is probably the last thing on your mind.Teenage Boy Studying

But why should you worry about how safe your student house is? It’s your landlord’s responsibility to keep it secure, right? Wrong. Although you may not have much control over the physical aspects of the building, (such as the type of front door you have or the style of locks installed on the windows) general security measures are up to you. For example, it would not be your landlord’s fault if you left your laptop by an open window; a prime target for an opportunist thief. It also wouldn’t be your landlord’s fault if you failed to report new faults to them which could affect your safety and security.

This Pdf checklist gives you a rundown of the things you should think about when living in student accommodation, whether that’s university halls of residence or a shared house in town. It also gives you an idea of the common pitfalls that many students stumble into.

Protecting your possessions and your safety doesn’t have to involve a lot of time, hassle or expense – home security good practice can be incorporated into your usual routine and could mean the difference between you becoming a victim of crime and enjoying your university experience with no security hiccups at all.

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