Side-Hinged Timber Garage Doors

Our fantastic range of side-hinged timber garage doors come in 8 different customisable designs, giving you the opportunity to create the perfect garage door to suit both the look of your property and your personal needs. It’s important to reapply a woodstain at regular intervals throughout the lifetime of your side-hinged wooden garage doors to ensure that moisture cannot cause any problems. Our engineers will be able to advise you on how often you should do this, as it depends on how exposed your garage is to the elements.

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Garador Ashton Chevron Side Hinged

Garador Ashton Chevron (SH)

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Horizontal Cedar

Garador Horizontal Cedar (SH)

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Kingsbury Timber

Garador Kingsbury (SH)

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Seymour Timber

Garador Seymour (SH)

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Tudor Timber

Garador Tudor (SH)

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Garador Chevron Cedar

Garador Chevron Cedar (SH)

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Vertical Cedar

Garador Vertical Cedar (SH)

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Garador Ashton Timber

Garador Ashton (SH)

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