Managing a property on top of grieving can be complicated and time consuming and for some, simply too painful to deal with. With over 30 years experience in keeping properties safe - we started our probate service to try to make managing an empty property fast and easy. Providing you with what you need to satisfy insurance companies and to give you peace of mind.

We've 4 levels of security you can choose from depending on your needs. These are likely to vary depending on location of the property, your proximity to it and how long you think it'll be empty for.


Lock Box

Designed to save you time and make giving access for house cleaning and viewing easy, the bronze option is the most cost effective security solution for empty properties. We provide you with a lock-box which will be securely fitted external to the property and allows you to lock a set of house keys safely away for access at any time. The box can only be accessed with a combination code (which you can ensure is only given to those who need access) meaning you don’t have to be present at the property for every house viewing or cleaner.
One of our fully vetted, security guards will systematically check the property and will report back to you monthly to let you know all is going to plan.

Set up cost:£50
Monthly Fee:£50


Inspections fortnightly

Our silver cover comes with an Insta-alarm. Fully installed and set up by our trained and vetted engineers, an alarm which will alert our security guards when set off. We will attend and report on the integrity of the property and make safe where necessary. You would be contacted before any works are undertaken.

We also inspect fortnightly documenting all findings ensuring that you have everything you need to maintain your obligations regarding empty properties for your house insurance policy.

Set up cost:£100
Monthly Fee:£260


Grounds Services
Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance

With gold cover you get everything on Silver plus grounds, services & garden maintenance. Properties that appear unkempt can be vulnerable to squatters and burglars. Maintaining the garden make the property appear looked after and is therefore less likely to be a target. Should the property be part of an estate to be sold, maintaining the property is also likely to assist in realising full market value and a swifter sale.

Set up Cost:£100
Monthly Fee:£360


VPS Property Guardians
Fortnightly Inspections
Grass Cutting & Garden Maintenance

Ideal for highly desirable properties, we place one of our fully DBS vetted and registered guardians to live in the property. This ensures continuation of you house insurance policy as the property won’t be standing empty for any period of time. It also means the property’s integrity will be completely intact ready for you to move into or sell when the probate process is completed.

Your garden and grounds will be fully maintained also. Maintaining is always easier than retrospectively making good. It’s especially key to the property’s curb appeal and appearing occupied and therefore less vulnerable to burglars and squatters.

No Set up Cost
Monthly Fee:£1120


Net Curtains£15 Per Window
House Clearance£40 Per Hour
Lock Change£120