At Evander Glazing and Locks we believe in rewarding hard work. Because as well as offering you great career opportunities, we want to help you enjoy life to the full.


Our policy is to pay our staff according to the market rate for their role and as much above that as is justified by performance. We believe that every employee has the right to know the range of pay for their type of work and what is required to improve their individual performance and, therefore, their pay. We carry out an Annual Pay Review where we look at each employee’s pay rate to make sure it reflects their contribution to the business. We encourage employees to discuss their pay review with managers so that they understand fully the pay decision.



You may have seen TV adverts saying workplace pensions are changing or have heard about something called automatic enrolment. To help people save more for their future, the Government wants all employees that meet certain criteria to be automatically enrolled into a workplace pension. You will be assessed each pay period to see if you are eligible to be automatically enrolled into the pension. Both you and the company will contribute to your pension plan with the Government allowing tax relief on your contribution.

If you are eligible then you will receive a confirmation with your scheme documents. If you do not wish to be in the pension then you will have one month from receiving this to opt-out of the pension.


Life Assurance

The pension scheme also offers life assurance cover that provides a lump sum on death in service as well as spouses or dependents’ benefits.


Paid Holiday

At Evander we offer paid holiday which increases with length of service, plus public and bank holidays for employees.


Career Development

We offer business, technical and personal development through a range of flexible opportunities. New employees begin with a comprehensive induction, then agree a personal development plan with their line manager which identifies development objectives and how they can be achieved. At Evander we’ll encourage you to drive your own development and career with the support of a variety of learning resources.


Education Subsidies

We value your contribution to our business and will consider giving you financial support and study leave should you want to continue your education or learn new skills relevant to the work place.


Eye Care Vouchers

We recognise that we have a responsibility to minimise the risk of occupational health hazards by providing employees who use Visual Display Screens [VDUs], laptops, microfiche, or who wear Safety Prescription Glasses during the working day, a free eye test if requested. The company will take appropriate action to protect all employees’ health, safety and welfare at work by maintaining a free and easily accessible eye care provision to all employees who use VDUs.


Child Care Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers are a benefit that will save you money on your childcare costs, through Tax and NI savings, simply by sacrificing part of your salary for childcare.


Evander Benefits

We offer a wide reaching range of discounts and services through a national benefits provider.