Our People

Here at Evander we have a range of employees as diverse as the community we serve. And we’re committed to helping every one of them develop to their full potential whilst they’re with us.

By recognising and making full use of the wealth of talent we have, we can maximise both personal achievements and commercial opportunities.

Not only are we responsive to the needs of our employees and customers but we also take pride in the role we play in the community at large. Being part of Evander is so much more than just a job.

Our culture

It’s not easy to sum up our culture in just a few words. For starters, we’re such a fast-moving business where change is a constant feature of our operation.

Every one of our people has to have the intelligence to think on their feet and respond to any new developments that come their way. All the while, of course, they’ll be working hard to deliver the quality of service for which Evander is renowned.

This, in turn, creates a lively, collaborative environment where everyone knows what’s expected of them and works together to achieve it. In fact, we pride ourselves on being as honest and unpretentious as we are inspired and professional. Everyone has a chance to voice their opinions and no one’s too proud to ask questions, which only serves to increase the inclusive nature of our culture.

Similarly, we embrace innovation – in whatever form it presents itself – through our Evander Evolution Innovations Scheme. So if someone, whether employee or customer, has a brainwave, we’ll listen. And if we like it, we’ll do it. It’s another way in which our people are the driving force behind our success.

Of course, it takes a certain sort of person to flourish in such a fast-paced, free-thinking environment. Talented, self-motivated, enthusiastic – you’ll have to share our passion for providing only the very best. Put people like this together, and you create a winning performance culture that thrives on inspirational leadership, positive attitudes and commercial flair.