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VPS Evander Insurance Services

VPS Evander work with a large number of insurance companies to ensure that we are there to help when you need us.

Your insurance company has either asked us to survey damage to your property or has asked us to make sure your property is safe and secure, or to do both.

If we have come to secure your property but your policy doesn’t cover any further work that may be required, we will be happy to offer you a quote to get you back to normal.

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If we have surveyed the damage, we will confi rm with your insurer whether you are covered and will arrange repairs if necessary. We specialise in a variety of repairs and use the very latest techniques. This

means fewer inconveniences for you as well as being better for the environment. If we cannot repair what’s been damaged, we will replace the item with the closest market equivalent.

What happens next?

We know that you’ll want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. If you or your insurer have asked us to provide a quote we will contact you within the next four working days to discuss the costs (if applicable) and the next steps. Please note that if there is an excess payable as part of your policy we will need to collect it by debit/credit card prior to proceeding with the job.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my policy doesn’t cover the damage?

In this case, we are happy to give you preferential rates and to arrange the work privately. We can offer a full quote for the work to be done with no obligation to you.

What if I want a better product than I had originally?

If your insurer has covered the cost for repair or replacement, we can provide you with a quote to ‘top up’ this amount in order to gain an upgrade. For instance, you may want to upgrade your uPVC front door to a composite one. If your insurer has not covered the then you will be quoted the full price of the product.

Can VPS replace other windows and doors which are not covered by my insurer?

We can provide a large range of windows and doors and are always happy to discuss your options with you.

What do I need to do before VPS arrives to do the job?

Please ensure the work space is clear. This may mean taking down curtains and moving furniture away from the area. If you have an alarm connected to the damaged item it must be disconnected before we can start work.

Contacting Customer Services

Providing excellent customer service at all times is something we are very passionate about. However, we understand that things don’t always go to plan.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service we will always endeavour to put things right as quickly as possible. Please contact your dedicated job owner or email us at so we can help with a solution.