Hörmann Steel Up-and-Over Garage Doors

With both simplistic and more exciting styles available — many with a wide choice of colours and finishes — you’re bound to find something which suits your budget, your home and your personal sense of style in our range of Hörmann steel up-and-over garage doors. We even offer 4 designs which can be finished with a special foil overlay which mimics the look of solid wood. These are particularly popular with those who want the timeless beauty of timber without the maintenance involved.

Constructed from strong galvanised steel, our range of Hörmann steel up-and-over doors come all inclusive of their inner mechanisms, the door panel itself, delivery, installation, VAT and the removal of your old garage door — we even offer a free measurement survey prior to a personalised quote being prepared. Call 0345 145 0130 or use our book a FREE survey form to get in touch.

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Hormann Finesse

Hörmann Finesse

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Hormann Elegance

Hörmann Elegance

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Hormann Georgian

Hörmann Georgian

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Hormann Chevron

Hörmann Chevron

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Hormann Caxton

Hörmann Caxton

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Hormann Marquess

Hörmann Marquess

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Hormann Ilkley

Hörmann Ilkley

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Hormann Horizontal

Hörmann Horizontal

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Hormann Vertical

Hörmann Vertical

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