PIR Video Camera Upgrade [Smartphone Only]

If you’d like more than just still images sent to you when your alarm is activated, this video camera will capture 10 second video clips and send them to your SmartPhone upon alarm activation. Both this and the image camera can help the police prosecute burglars and could mean it’s easier for you to claim for damage from your home insurance company.


This SmartPhone Alarm upgrade can be fitted by you or by one of our experienced engineers. If you opt for fitting then we will be able to advise you on the correct placement for the video camera in your home, install it and link it up to your SmartPhone Alarm. We will test to see if it’s working properly and will ensure you are left with full instructions.

Please note: if you order this alongside an alarm kit with fitting included, you will only pay the supply cost for this extra equipment.


  • Suitable for use with the SmartPhone Alarm only
  • 2-Year Guarantee

Additional Info

Creating a 10 second video of why your alarm has been activated can help when identifying possible intruders and is useful if your alarm has been set off accidentally. Having a video clip should help you to work out why the alarm has been activated and whether it’s something you need to take action on.