The Patlock is an innovative new product which acts like a steering lock for your French doors, preventing criminals from gaining entry even if they snap, pick or destroy the lock. The two parts of the Patlock fit over the door handles and fix together, and can only be removed from the inside of the property. As it’s also a visual deterrent, a potential burglar may be put off trying to enter your home altogether.


The Patlock is available with or without fitting by one of our experienced engineers. If you choose to have your Patlock fitted, we will ensure that it’s in full working order and that you understand how to fit and remove it from your door handles properly.


The Patlock consists of two door handle ‘pockets’ which fit together using strong metal bars. We also include a pair of tamper-resist door spindles, which enhances the security the Patlock brings to your home.

Additional Info

The Patlock is very easy to use and is a simple yet extremely effective design. You don’t need to remember any codes or carry any keys to unlock it – as it’s inside the home you simply need to press the buttons to release the lock and slide the two halves away from each other.