ERA 801/802 Snaplock

This snaplock is designed for use with outward opening windows. It attaches to the edge of the frame and when the window is closed, it automatically ‘snaps’ into place to lock the window. This can add another layer of security for accessible windows. When you need to open the window again, a key must be used to release the snaplock. You have a choice of two keys – a standard key (pictured on the right) or a more secure cut key (pictured on the left).


Snaplocks are compact and simple locks which do a great job of making your windows more secure. We can offer this lock with one type of key – either standard or cut – depending on how secure you’d like it to be. As they can only be unlocked from the inside, this boils down to personal preference. We can install this snaplock kit to the window of your choice, or you’re welcome to fit it yourself should you want to choose supply only.


This snaplock is supplied with fixing screws, plus a fixing plate for frames which may be angled. The lock itself is around 6cm long and 2cm wide, allowing it to fit to most window frames.

Additional Info

This lock will secure your window automatically when it is closed, requiring a key to unlock it in order to open the window again. It’s advisable to keep the key out of sight of the window itself for security reasons.