ERA Sash Blocker

If you’d like to enhance the security of your windows and have an additional lock fitted which is independent of the handle, then this simple sash blocker can be used. Although it’s called a sash blocker, it’s not just for use with sash windows. You can use this lock on almost any window which opens, as the ‘arm’ simply moves over to block the movement of the window leaf.


We can offer this sash blocker with our without fitting by one of our expert engineers. You can choose to have this sash blocker as a locking or non-locking security feature, giving you the choice to go keyless if you prefer. If you choose to have this product installed, an Evander engineer in your area will ensure that it’s placed correctly and that you know how to use it properly before they mark the job as complete.


This sash jammer is supplied with a locking option, so if you want to add this at the time or at a later date then this can be done very easily. This product is also supplied with fixings.

Additional Info

This is a manual, rather than an automatic, locking mechanism. If you’d like a product which automatically locks your window whenever it is shut, please see the Snaplock.