What is a Security Alarm?

Security alarms are used to deter thieves both before and during an attempted break-in. Motion sensors and/or door contact sensors activate a loud siren if triggered when the alarm is on, drawing attention to your property and scaring off intruders before more damage can be done. All of our alarms (apart from the Apartment alarm) come with external siren boxes, which act as a great visual deterrent. Thieves will always target properties which look vulnerable, so having an alarm box on the side or front of your home can help you to avoid opportunist thieves.

All of our alarms and alarm accessories (which include a panic button, photo and video movement sensors, pet-friendly sensors and timer plugs) are wireless, meaning ease of use and a sleek look. The Telecommunicating Kit and The SmartPhone Kit both allow you to receive notifications to your phone, wherever you are, as soon as your alarm is activated.  The SmartPhone Kit also has a photo feature, where you are sent a picture of what set off the alarm.

Security Alarm Pros

  • All alarms (except for the Apartment Alarm which is mounted inside the property) create a visual deterrent to thieves
  • A home without an alarm is 2-3 times more likely to be burgled
  • 60% of attempted burglaries fail when an alarm is present
  • All Yale alarms and accessories are wireless, ensuring you have no unsightly wires present
  • Accessories for our Yale alarms can be added at any point