The up & over canopy garage door is the most common opening mechanism and one which you’re likely to be familiar with.

What is a Canopy Garage Door?

When you think of a garage door, the first type that pops into your mind is likely be one which has an up & over canopy opening. It’s the most popular type of opening mechanism and one which allows for maximum drive-through width.

The ‘canopy’ name comes from the fact that when the door is opened by lifting it up, it protrudes out of the doorway by about a third. This forms a canopy which provides shelter further out of the garage space. This can be useful if you need to work on your vehicle whilst it’s raining.

A canopy up & over door is compact and opens using strong torsion springs, which come with Evander’s 5 year guarantee as standard. As it’s a common opening mechanism, the canopy garage door is available in a wide range of materials and colours – check out our range of canopy doors to see the different options available to you.

Canopy Garage Door Pros

  • Allows for the maximum possible drive-through width
  • Simple to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a wide variety of colours and materials
  • British Standard & insurance approved
  • Secured by Design certified doors available (the Garador Guardian Range)

Canopy Garage Door Cons

  • Difficult to integrate electronic automatic opening
  • Door takes up space at the top of the garage when open
  • Door protrudes out of the doorway as it is being opened and when it’s fully open