Garador Ashton Chevron (SH)

The Garador Ashton Chevron Timber Side-Hinged garage door is a stylish take on the plainer ‘Ashton’ Side-Hinged garage door. The angled panels of solid red cedar draw the eye to the centre of the doors and create a pleasing symmetry. Highly secure with shoot bolt latches at the top and bottom of the doors, the Chevron Timber Side-Hinged can withstand forced entry to a high degree – keeping your property safe and stamping out crime before it’s had a chance to happen.

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Available in a range of 6 different wood stain colours, the Ashton Chevron Side-Hinged can be adapted to suit many different home styles. Light Oak may suit more modern properties, for instance, whereas Antique Oak or Walnut may look best on older homes. What’s more, with a choice of 4 different handles available this door can be customised further. The doors are constructed from solid red cedar – a versatile and durable hardwood which does not warp, split or rot as easily as other types of timber.  As long as the door is treated with a wood stain every couple of years, you can be confident it will last a lifetime.


The Garador Chevron Timber comes with a black handle and fascia as standard, if you're looking for something a little different you can customise your door with a range of optional extras. Below is a selection of the available options:
  • Chrome effect handle and fascia
  • White handle and fascia
  • Outside Knob Handle
  • Door stays (pair)
  • Left hand leaf leading


Our garage doors come with a range of colours and glazing options available. Below are the various options for the Garador Chevron Timber Side Hinged range.


Light oak
Antique oak

Recent Installations

With a fantastic 2 year guarantee available on this door, and an additional 12 month guarantee for our workmanship, you can rest assured that you are covered should anything happen to your new garage door in this time. Outside of the guarantees, your home insurance policy should cover garage doors – please call your provider to confirm.