French Doors

Offering a classic and attractive gateway to your garden or patio, Evander’s French Doors come in a range of colours, materials (including uPVC and Timber) and with a choice of glazing styles. Consisting of two doors which open inwards or outwards from the middle, external French doors have been popular for hundreds of years and can bring an almost regal or Parisian air to your property. French doors suit a range of property styles and look particularly good on more traditional homes.

Evander’s French doors – also known as French windows due to the fact they are usually glazed from the top to the bottom – come with multi-point locking and reinforced frames as standard, allowing a high level of security. You can also enhance the security of your French doors with the specially designed Patlock. For a quote call 0345 145 0130 or enquire via our enquiry form.