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Ways To Improve Your Kerbside Appeal

The way your home looks from the street is more important than you may realise, and many people overlook their ‘kerb appeal’, concentrating on the inside of their homes instead. As commendable as this is, however, the way your home and garage (particularly your garage door) look from the outside can affect many things, from how satisfied you are with your home, to the resale value, to how likely you are to be a target for opportunist thieves.

Giving your home a lift doesn’t have to be hugely expensive or take a lot of work. In fact, just replacing, repairing or renovating one aspect of your home can make a large impact on how you’re viewed from the street. Here are a few of Evander’s favourite hints and tips when it comes to boosting your kerb appeal.

Garage Doors

If your garage is located at the front of your property and faces outwards towards the street, then it will naturally play a big part when it comes to the first impression of your home.Garage Door Replacement Garage doors can vary hugely in suitability so it’s important to get it right. A decent garage door which is right for your property will not only keep your garage area safe and secure, but it’ll also enhance the look of your home and add value. A garage door which is rusty, dented, peeling or faded, or one which simply doesn’t match the look of your property can severely damage the way your home is viewed by you and by others, particularly potential buyers. As you can see from the example, the right garage door can make all the difference.

Functional, plain steel or aluminium garage doors should be given a wipe down with a soft cloth and some soapy water regularly to ensure dirt and grime doesn’t build up. If you have a timber garage door, then re-staining this around every two years will ensure it stays strong, efficient and looking good. If you’re in the market for a new garage door, consider which materials and colours would best enhance the front of your home. Matching your garage door colour with that of your front door can bring everything together nicely. Similarly, think about the colours present in your garden and the style of your home – these can also detract from or enhance the impact a decent garage door will have.

Front of House

The front of your home itself has many other features than just your garage door(s) so these should not be overlooked. Although your front door and windows take up a relatively small surface area, when these are run down, dirty or damaged, your whole home can look a little forlorn. If you’re not planning to sell your home and you don’t mind what people think of the outside, then consider how your property looks to opportunist thieves and burglars. Criminals will look out for homes which seem less well-kept than others, simply because it may be easier to get in through old or damaged doors and windows. It also demonstrates a level of indifference about your property, which of course may not be true, yet it’s still something burglars hope to profit from. In their eyes, if you don’t take care of your doors and windows then you probably won’t have any additional security features in place, such as alarms or additional locks.

Window Cleaning

Replacing doors and windows can be expensive, of course, but with plenty of options available, there’s bound to be something out there to suit your home and your budget. Composite, uPVC, aluminium and timber are all widely available window and door materials which each have their various styles and benefits. The trick is to find a solution which not only fits your budget, but which also looks great on your home and which will be safe and secure. Consider the era of your home and other features like the colour and style of your garage door if you’re finding it hard to decide on a particular style.

Garden & General Tips

Your front garden and driveway area, if you have one, also play an integral part of your property’s kerbside appeal. Overgrown and untidy garden areas, weeds on the driveway and damaged walls, fences or gates can really negatively impact a property. As well as the security issues mentioned above, a rundown home is unlikely to sell for the desired asking price. Often, a simple bit of gardening and perhaps a lick of paint on the fences or similar can completely transform how a home looks.

Try to keep your driveway and garage door (if you have one) clean and free from moss, lichen and weeds. In the autumn and winter, leaves can build up and create a lot of grime as they break down in the elements. What’s more, they could also attract insects and other pests if left to rot alone. Just taking a few minutes each week to sweep and pull up weeds can make a bigger impact than you think, and will stop things from deteriorating to a level too difficult to come back from.