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The Solidor Door Builder – Design Your Own!

Solidor Door Builder

Our garage door builder, where you can design your own garage door from scratch in order to visualise what your chosen size, design, colour and hardware choices look like, has been popular since we launched it earlier this year. Due to the fact our garage door offering is so large, and because of the wide range of customisable options for each design, being able to see what your garage door will look like as a finished product can be difficult, especially if you want it in a colour other than white. If we were to list our entire range of garage door designs in all of the colours they’re available in, we’d have to list 855 different doors, and this is before you factor in handle types, glazing variations and the various options relating to opening style. The garage door builder allows our customers to get a much better idea of what the finished product will look like.

The Solidor Composite Door Creator

Composite Doors

We have now teamed up with Solidor, one of our main suppliers, to bring you the same capabilities for our composite door range with the Solidor Composite Door Builder. Our composite door range (meant for external use only – front and back doors rather than internal separating doors) includes 11 ‘County’ designs and 8 ‘Continental’ designs, all of which can be customised and adapted to suit your needs, your property style and your personal taste. Everything can be changed to suit your desired specification, from the colour to the glazing design, to the door hardware, which includes a choice of door handles, door numbers, spyholes, letter plates and decorative knockers.

How Does The Door Builder Work?

Composite and Garage Door

The Solidor door builder can be found in the drop down menu which comes up when you hover over ‘Composite Doors’ on our menu header. You get to choose whether you’d like a standard residential, a stable or a French style external door initially. Once you’ve chosen you’ll then be asked which frame type you’d like. Here you have a variety of options, from just a simple single door configuration to frame options with side and top lights (static windows for the side(s) and the top of the entrance). You can also choose a frame colour which is the same or different to the colour of your door. Next, you’ll be given a number of door style options. The design of the door comes first, with a choice of various glazing shapes & positions, and different panel configurations.

Purple Art Deco Solidor Door

The door options continue with an option to remove the door grooves, a choice of 18 different external and internal colours, a choice of which way the door will be hinged, outward or inward opening, numerous different glazing types and finally the door accessories, which gives you a wide choice of handles and other hardware. You can even choose to have your door manufactured with additional security features, meaning that it can be Secured by Design approved. Once you’ve been through all of the steps, you’ll have a picture of your new front (or back) door like the one pictured above, which was created in the door builder in just a couple of minutes. Once you’ve finalised your design, you’ll have the option to click the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button, which will give us all the details so that we can provide you with a full and comprehensive quote to include delivery, fitting, VAT and the safe removal and disposal of your old door (if applicable). Why not try it out today?