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The Best Doors To Amplify Natural Light In The Winter


During the winter months the UK is not blessed with a huge amount of sunshine hours, and with the sun rising late in the morning and setting early in the evening, cloudy or overcast days can make it feel like the sun hasn’t woken up at all. While this may be a bit of a nuisance for some, for around 1 in every 15 people, these few daylight hours can actually make them very down indeed. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can make sufferers feel depressed and tired during the latter months of the year – something which is non-existent in more consistently sunny areas around the equator, for example. Getting as much natural light as possible during the winter months is an important method of keeping on top of SAD. Sun simulation lamps can be an effective treatment, as can letting more natural light into your home.

Front & Back Doors

Norfolk Composite Door

Hallways and porch areas can be plunged into darkness if you don’t have glazed panels in your door, making your home somewhat unappealing to come back to. Light, bright hallways and reception areas will not only lift your mood in the winter months but may also add value to your home. If you spend all day out of the house and will only be coming home once the sun has set, then glazed doors at the front and back of your home may feel a little pointless – a security risk, even. However, nothing could be further from the truth. With modern door construction techniques and high-security materials, your new front door is likely to be safer and stronger than your current one, even with glazing incorporated into the design. You can help to make home-time more welcoming by setting your lights on a timer so that they are on when you get home. This will not only deter opportunist thieves but will also help you avoid coming home to a dark, cold and scary house.

Patio Doors

Aluminium BiFold Door

Patio doors have a lot of glazing incorporated into them by default, but some can let in more light than others. There are three types of patio door – French doors, which consist of two doors that meet in the middle; Sliding doors, which consist of one static and one sliding panel (these are usually completely glazed), and Bifolding doors, which are made up of three or more door ‘leaves’. These door leaves can be folded back to one side in order to open up a large space, bringing the outside in. Of course, this feature of Bifold doors is not one which can be used to its full potential in the winter, but the large glazed area afforded to you by this door design is likely to let in more light than older patio doors.

In order to maximise the light coming into your home, adding a top light to French or Sliding doors can make a big difference. If you want to replace your current doors altogether, then consider going for a completely different door type – Sliding and Bifold doors will let in more light than French doors, for instance.

Garage Doors

Garador Sandhurst

If you spend a bit of time in your garage tinkering with your car or perhaps pursuing a hobby, then choosing a garage door which has windows incorporated into the design can help to make the space feel a lot less dark and ‘cave-like’. All types of garage doors can have windows included into the design. With some this will be an option extra, and with others you’ll only be able to choose a design which includes windows in the first place. Some garage doors have larger window areas than others, so do a little research to see which door design would work best for you before committing to buy.