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Control Your Roller Garage Door With This Innovative New Tool

Our Roller garage doors (manufactured by SWS who are based in the UK) are becoming an increasingly popular door type, particularly for those who have smaller garage entrances or a lower drive-through height. They’re modern, efficient and look surprisingly stylish in the wide range of colours and timber-style coatings available.

SWS Roller 55mm Laminated Full Box Garage Door
SWS Roller 55mm Painted Burgundy Garage Door












Many people think that roller doors are too industrial-looking and associate them with business service entrances or mechanic’s garages. In fact, roller doors are a versatile and very convenient way of securing and using your garage space, and as they’re customisable, they fit in with all styles of home.

Every roller door that we offer comes with motorised opening as standard. This is done via motors at either end of the curtain roll. When the door needs to be opened, the motors raise the door vertically upwards (giving you maximum space both inside and outside your garage) so that it rolls around itself. This is an extremely efficient and space-saving design which is also very secure and thermally efficient.


To make things even more convenient, our Roller garage doors come with an innovative new upgrade. SeceuroGlide Connect and Connect⁺ offer you the chance to control your garage door through your phone. This can be done from anywhere, so if you need to give someone (like a delivery person or family member) access to your garage, you’ll be able to control it from where you are. This ensures security and keeps things as simple as possible.

Doing this through Connect⁺ is best if you don’t have a decent WiFi internet connection, as it works through phone signal alone. By choosing this upgrade, you’ll be able to control your door through phone calls and text messages. You can save user’s numbers to the door and a simple telephone call will open your door whenever you need it to. You can even program numbers for single use or a specified number of uses.

Securoglide Connect works with any smartphone and allows connection through your WiFi router. You can simply select what you want your garage door to do via your smartphone at any time. It basically turns your phone into a remote control that can be used anywhere, not just when you’re within a few feet of your garage.

Using Connect on smartphone

If you’re interested in learning more about these upgrades, please call us on 0345 146 7001 or speak to your local Evander surveyor by booking a free no obligation garage survey.