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Installing A Garage Motor Kit

Garage Doors

Garage motors, which allow your garage door to be opened and closed using just a remote control, have been popular in the US and in parts of mainland Europe for some time, and are only now becoming more mainstream in the UK. Automating your garage door can have many benefits, and are particularly handy for households where elderly or very young people have use of the garage. An automated door means that users don’t have to struggle with the size or weight of the door, and instead allows them to operate the garage motor with the simple touch of a button.

Why Should I Automate My Garage Door?

Another benefit to having a garage motor installed is that it will always open the door properly every time. This means that your garage door’s internal opening mechanism is at much less risk of being damaged or thrown off balance by poor opening technique. When it comes to opening garage doors – and up & over doors specifically – it’s very important to only lift from the very centre of the door, where the handle is located. Lifting the door from either side will unbalance the mechanism and cause the door to become stiff, heavy and warped over time.


One particularly strong case for installing a garage motor is security. Rather than having a physical lock that could potentially be picked or destroyed, a garage motor will keep the door permanently in the closed position until it is opened using its remote control. This makes it extremely difficult to force entry into the garage, as the motor applies more strength to the closed position of the door than can be matched by an intruder, rendering it nigh on impossible for them to break in.

Garage Motors: Making Winter More Bearable

Automatic Garage Doors

It’s also worth thinking about the benefits of a garage door motor when it comes to the British weather. We’re not famed for having particularly comfortable temperatures and manageable rain and winds – in fact, it seems to rain from side to side more often than it rains from top to bottom! For this reason, and due to the poor light and freezing temperatures of the winter months, many people prefer to open their garage from the comfort of their own vehicle on their return home, rather than having to get out of the car, open the garage, and get back into the car again.

Can I Fit A Garage Motor to My Existing Door?

Sectional Garage Door Opening

Installing a garage door motor is a relatively easy task and can be done for both existing and new garage doors. This means that, if your current garage door is still working well and is fit for purpose, you can simply purchase the garage motor in order to convert it to electronic opening. There are just a couple of stipulations: your garage must have an electricity outlet and it must be in good condition to be able to support the motor and work properly. Additionally, it’s worth noting that although canopy up & over garage doors are the most common  type of garage door in the UK, these are difficult to convert to automatic opening and may require extra equipment or a whole new door.

What New Automatic Garage Doors Are Available?

Hormann LPU L Ribbed Titan Metallic

If you’re looking for a new garage door and would like an electric motor, then Evander can help with a wide range of styles and opening mechanisms. Our full roller garage door range comes with a garage motor as standard, and the price you can see on the site already includes this. Our sectional range of garage doors can be converted to electronic opening, as can our range of tracked up & over garage doors. We try to steer clear of automating canopy garage doors, as they’re not built to support the garage motor and may not work to the best of their ability for an acceptable amount of time. We are dedicated to providing decent, long-lasting products to our customers, so we will avoid fitting an electric motor to existing canopy garage doors where possible.

For more information about automating your garage door, why not speak to the team on 0345 145 0130 or email