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Add Instant Value to Your Home by Improving Your Garage

When you own your own home, you may not want to view it as a cold hard investment, but that’s basically what it is. Houses are bought and sold all the time and their value relies mostly on the housing market. However, you can have a lot of control over the value of your property by ensuring that you concentrate on its upkeep.

Replacing an older garage door like this one could mean a boost in value and security for the property.
Replacing an older garage door like this one could mean a boost in value and security for the property.

Your garage door is the perfect example of an area where value can be added very easily. Having a garage alone can add up to 11% to the value of your property. The door itself plays a big part in what a garage is, and in many cases it takes up a large percentage of the ‘look’ of your home. First impressions count, especially if you’re looking to sell your home, so making it look as great as it can be could be a good first step to adding value and selling your property quickly.

Curb Appeal

English house with garage, uk
A clean, well fitting garage door can do wonders for the outward aesthetics of your home.

A good-looking house is something we’d all like to have. We’re all aware of that one house on the street which looks a little shabbier than all the others – would you buy that house based on first impressions? Probably not. Garages take up a large amount of space, particularly double garages, so replacing an old, tired door with a clean and bright new one (or two!) could do wonders for your curb appeal.

Older garage doors may still work well, but could be showing their age with dents, scratches and squeaky hinges. Faded paintwork and warped timber doors are going to give potential buyers cause for concern – not many people would want to buy a house which needs a lot of money spent on it.

Safety & Security

Garage doors which have seen better days can do more than just make your home look tired. Dented doors, ones which are unbalanced or doors which don’t have up to date locking systems are all at risk of forced entry. A new, fully sealed and secured garage door will not only keep your possessions safer, but it’ll also make your property look less vulnerable as a whole; a great deterrent for burglars.


Prospective buyers will likely be interested in your home’s security credentials, particularly if there have been burglaries in your area in the past. All garage doors we offer are British Standard and insurance approved and have extremely secure locks. However, we also offer a special range of three doors which have been approved under the Secured by Design scheme. This is an initiative which is run by UK police and aims to ‘design out’ crime. The doors in this range have more security features, making forced entry nigh on impossible.

Standing the Test of Time

Up and Over DecograinGarage doors are being designed and manufactured in a more advanced way all the time, so as technology improves and refines, so too do the doors themselves. It’s this improvement which means doors are lasting longer and longer – a garage door can last for decades with the right care.

Replacing your tired garage door now will give you years and years of use, which would be a big plus for anyone wanting to buy your home. It’ll also add value, particularly if it’s the type of door which is at low risk of damage due to being maintenance-free.