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How To Make Your Garage Door More Secure

Although it may seem obvious, a surprising amount of people do not give enough thought to garage security when looking to secure their home. Many homeowners with a garage on their property will lock their doors and windows, but won’t think to do the same with their garage. You may just store a load of ‘junk’ in your garage, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need protecting. If someone gains access to your garage, they may also gain access to tools and implements (like ladders) so that it’s easier to burgle your main home. For those who keep valuable items and their vehicles in their garage, the case for enhanced garage door security is surely obvious.

Garage Door Security – The Condition

Garage Door Before

Firstly, you should take a good look at your garage door to see what kind of condition it’s in. Older doors aren’t necessarily less secure than new ones, but they may need a new locking mechanism if they’re very dated. Look at the main door panel when the door is shut. Does it fit into the frame properly? Are there any bucked or dented areas which may provide a weak point? If it’s a timber garage door, then you should check the integrity of the wood to ensure it’s not rotten or soft in places, and that the door hasn’t warped so that it doesn’t fit the frame properly. Is the timber thick enough to survive a swift kick? We don’t recommend trying to kick your own garage door in, of course, but giving it a tap should give you a good idea of whether it’s solid or not.

As Secure As It Gets – Police Approved Garage Doors


If your door is looking a little worse for wear security-wise, or if you’re thinking about replacing it anyway and you have security in mind, then you may want to look at the Garador Guardian range. They’ve taken three of their most popular garage doors and redesigned them from scratch, adding in additional strength and security features. This range of three Guardian doors are available in all the same colours and finishes as their more basic counterparts and are approved under the Secured by Design (SBD) scheme, which is run by the UK police. The idea is that any window, door or garage door which is approved under SBD guidelines should be designed, constructed and properly fitted with home security in mind. This ensures it’s as difficult as possible for an intruder to break into your home and will more often than not stop them in their tracks.

Some Extra Oomph – Garage Door Defenders



If you are happy with your current arrangement but you want to enhance your garage security, then a garage door defender may be just the ticket. Acting as an extra, visible lock, a defender will not only act as a deterrent but will also do an amazing job of stopping your garage door from being opened if the lock is picked. They only work for up & over doors, which will be either a canopy or tracked opening mechanism. Garage door defenders are attached to the ground just outside the garage, usually in the very centre of the door. The defender is locked to the ground and uses strong metal ‘arms’ to prevent the door from being pulled open, even when it’s not locked. We have two different garage door defenders in our garage security section – the Defender & Padlock at £48.99 and the Defender Master & Padlock at £77.99, which is the larger of the two and is ideal for both single and double garage doors.

Add A Deterrent – Home Security Alarms

The Standard Alarm Kit

Sounding the alarm if someone is intruding on your home is a very effective way of getting rid of burglars before they can do a lot of damage, or at least alerting your neighbours to the issue before they get away. A visible alarm system on a property will reduce the likelihood of being burgled by 2-3 times and there are accessories available which will extend the reach of your alarm sensors – perfect for an outbuilding like a garage.