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How To Keep Your Garage Doors In Tip Top Condition


Looking after your garage door is something that you should know how to do properly, as they can be expensive to replace. As with any important part of the home – such as your window frames and your external and internal doors – your garage door should be looked after and maintained in the correct way for the particular size, material and opening style. The position of your property and the surrounding environment can also affect what you should and should not do in order to prolong the life of your garage door for as long as possible.

How Do I Clean My Garage Door?


Keeping your garage door clean is the most basic and important maintenance task and should be done once a month or sooner if the weather has been particularly bad. For doors which are constructed from metal, such as galvanised steel or insulated aluminium, wiping them down with a soft cloth and some soapy warm water and rinsing the door is enough. With timber garage doors, warm water and a sponge will suffice. Allow the door to dry naturally.

Depending on the location of your door, you may need to do this more often than once a month. For instance, if the door is next to a busy road and often gets covered in grime, or is located underneath a tree or wooded area then debris and dead leaves may become a problem. Cleaning your garage door is just as important as cleaning your car – imagine what would happen to the paintwork on your vehicle if you left it sitting out in all weathers and never washed it? Keeping your garage door clean helps to protect the paintwork/finish from corrosive and damaging substances.

How Do I Look After The Internal Mechanism?


The internal mechanism of your door is likely to be located fully inside your garage space, with the exception of some roller garage doors. The internal mechanism can include raising arms, large springs, complicated internal workings and/or electronic motor(s). When it comes to maintaining the opening mechanism, the kindest thing you can do is to treat the door properly 100% of the time. By opening your garage door in a steady and balanced manner (single panel garage doors should always be opened from the centre handle – NEVER from the side or corner of the door) you’ll be putting less strain on the moving parts and therefore should help them to last longer.

Whenever you clean your garage door, you should take a look at the internal mechanism and remove any leaves or other debris which have found their way in. If you notice a part of the mechanism becoming difficult to use or making a noise, contact the company who installed the door before trying to do anything yourself – garage doors are extremely heavy and the internal mechanisms can be dangerous.

Do I Need To Treat Or Paint My Garage Door?


If you have a timber garage door, then you will need to treat it on a regular basis in order to ensure you get the most out of it as possible. A timber door which is not well maintained will – at some point – deteriorate to the point where it cannot be used. This can be due to water damage, mould or splitting. Using a timber stain is the best way to protect your timber garage door as it allows the wood to breathe whilst still protecting it against the elements. As with any door – steel or timber – you should try to avoid dark colours where the garage gets a lot of direct sunlight. This will inevitably lead to a break-down of the material due to the corrosive qualities of the sun’s rays.

Metal garage doors should not need repainting for many years (if at all) if kept clean and maintained properly. If you do find you need to repaint your garage door, then make sure you research exactly what you need to treat the material first. It’s likely you’ll need to sand down and prime the door before painting, and you may need to remove it in order to do this affectively.