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Halloween Window Decorations


Now that we’ve reached October, people are naturally turning their minds towards Halloween at the end of the month. A big holiday in the US, Halloween is beginning to look more Americanised over here in recent years, with people decorating their homes for the occasion. Of course, Halloween or All Hallows Eve has been celebrated in the UK for hundreds of years in varying different ways – it’s only recently that it’s become the big event we know and love today.

If you’re planning on decorating your house over the Halloween period then there are a number of things you can do with your windows in order to make a great impact in your neighbourhood. We’ve listed our favourite Halloween window decorations below. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never attach decorations to your windows using pins, nails or glue. Where possible, hang designs from curtain rails, pin to the back of curtains or blinds, or use easily-removable sticking putty to attach your decorations to the window panes.

Classic Pumpkin Lanterns

Halloween Image

If you want to stick to something more traditional, the humble pumpkin is a decoration worth spending a little time on. Having glowing pumpkins adorning your windows – shining out into the night – is an effective and creepy decoration. You’ll need to scoop out the pumpkin’s innards, cut a face or spooky image into it and pop a candle (or small light) inside. While this can be time consuming, it’s great fun for kids and will look brilliant in your window. Of course, it goes without saying to be wary of naked flames and always sit your pumpkin on a heat-proof surface, rather than directly onto the window sill.


Scary Silhouettes


In the dark autumn evenings most of us maintain a level of privacy by drawing the curtains or closing our blinds before we put the lights on inside. Without covering the window, it can feel like you’re sitting in a fish bowl, particularly if you live in an area with lots of other homes nearby. You may observe other houses keeping their privacy in this way, but you’ll notice that sometimes curtains and blinds are thin enough to still see shapes through, creating silhouettes on the window. When it comes to decorating for Halloween, why not get creative and make your own? You could even hang up a piece of coloured fabric behind the silhouettes in order to create an even spookier atmosphere. The possibilities are endless – from witches to monsters to creepy graveyard scenes, it’s amazing what you can create with just a large piece of black paper!


Glowing Eyes


Stemming from the popularity of silhouette decorations, a similar method of enhancing your windows involves turning them into big creepy eyes. This can be done across more than one window, which can give your whole house a giant monster look, or you could simply plant a smaller pair of eyes to look out on trick or treaters as they pass by your home. These can be in silhouette or picture form and can look very impactful on the right house – so get designing and try out a few things before the big night to ensure you make your mark.


Cobwebs & Creepy Crawlies


For those without an artistic bone in their body, decorating the window with fake spiders and webs can help to make a big statement without subjecting the neighbourhood to sub-par decorations! Fake spider webs can be made from cotton wool or thin netting fabric, or alternatively it can be bought almost everywhere in the month of October – particularly in supermarkets. Little plastic spiders and other creepy crawlies can also be bought cheaply around this time of year, which are perfect for placing in the web to complete the look. Alternatively, wire spider webs for the corners of doors and windows are relatively easy to make and make more of an artistic Halloween statement than a very obvious one.