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The Benefits of Choosing a Garage Door Supplier and Fitter

When you’re in the market for a brand new garage door, it can be hard to know where’s best to look. Do you buy your garage door online and get a local contractor to fit it, or do you source the door and the fitting from the same company? It’s important to do plenty of research on the benefits, the pitfalls and the cost of each option available to you to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. This may not always mean paying the lowest price, of course, but how do you know when to spend a little extra for the sake of quality, and when to stick with the cheapest option?

Buying a door from a hardware store or online can be a very cheap way of getting a decent garage door panel. By going straight to the garage door supplier, you’re cutting out an additional cost that may be added on. However, you’ll also need to arrange the fitting of the door with a separate contractor. It’s important that you get a professional to fit your new garage door, as they are heavy and the inner workings can be complicated.

Finding a company who will not only supply your door but fit it too does cut out a lot of the work you’ll have to do. This can be more expensive than doing it separately, but there are many benefits to this method which may make the price difference worth it. As a supplier and a fitter ourselves, we’ve listed these below:

Garage Doors Supplied and Fitted

  • Cuts out work for you

When you order your garage door from a supplier like Evander, you don’t need to worry about transporting it to your home – a tricky job in itself – and you also don’t have to worry about storing the door until it can be fitted.

  • You’re covered if something goes wrong

If you buy your own door and try to fit it yourself, then you may struggle if you’ve never done anything like it before. If something goes wrong, like if the door is fitted incorrectly or something happens to cause a breakage, then you’d have to sort this out from your own pocket. Even hiring a contractor to do it for you could pose issues – they may not be obligated to pay for your door in the event that something goes wrong, for instance.

  • Guarantees and aftercare are included

When a garage door has been supplied and fitted by Evander, you’ll receive aftercare support and long guarantees (steel garage doors are guaranteed for 10 years, for example). We’re open 24/7, so if you have a problem then you’re welcome to call us at any time of the day or night.

  • Knowledgeable engineers

Having your door fitted by engineers who not only know how to fit a garage door, but who know exactly how to fit the specific door you’ve chosen, minimises the chances of things going wrong and mistakes being made. Our wide network of engineers are fully trained and at least two of them will attend to fit your new garage door, ensuring that support is available.

  • Free survey ensures you’re getting the correct door

When you order a door through us here at Evander, your property will be attended by one of our skilled surveyors. This free survey covers many aspects of purchasing your new garage door, such as checking the suitability of your chosen opening mechanism and making sure the size is correct. This ensures that you won’t end up ordering a garage door in the wrong size, which is an easy thing to do.