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Canopy Garage Doors – A Solution For Every Budget

The most common type of garage door in the UK is a steel door with a Canopy opening mechanism. These are the quickest doors to manufacture and fit, and they’re also among the cheapest, which makes them very popular. Our Express Doors range (which can be fitted within just 7 days of your order) are all steel Canopy doors, as are our Best Sellers.

If you’re looking for a simple, up and over garage door with a small budget in mind, then our steel Canopy range is a good place to start. However, if your budget is a little higher and you want something a little more special, then we also have Canopy doors in Decograin or timber options which come with a range of extras. Here are three of our favourite options which suit a range of budgets.


The Hörmann Vertical – Low Budget – around £600

Hormann Vertical
Hormann Vertical

This is one of our cheapest doors, coming in at £599 for a White, 7’0’’x 6’6’’ measurement, which is one of the most common garage door measurements our customers ask for. The price includes fitting by a team of our experienced Evander engineers in your area. With over 20 branches spread around the UK, it’s likely we’ll have the right team for you nearby. For a little extra money, you can choose a different colour. We have Brown, Ruby Red, Jet Black, Moss Green, Signal Blue or Steel Blue as colour options for this Hörmann Vertical garage door. Highly secure and constructed from galvanised steel, this door might be just what you’re looking for.

The Hörmann Horizontal Decograin – Medium Budget – around £700

The Hörmann Horizontal Decograin
Hörmann Horizontal Decograin

If you don’t want to have a steel door due to them having the wrong look for your style of home, but your budget simply won’t stretch to timber, then a Decograin garage door may be the right door for you. With a price of £709 for a 7’0’’ x 6’6’’ Canopy garage door in a choice of either Rosewood or Golden Oak woodgrain effect, this door can give you a great natural look for less. The price, as always, includes fitting by a team of our friendly and vetted engineers, who will expertly fit your door and clean up after the installation is complete. Where possible, please leave a parking space close to your property, as garage doors are very heavy!

The Hörmann Measham – High Budget – around £900

Hormann Measham Garage Door
Hormann Measham

If you’ve got a higher budget still, and you want some quality natural materials, the Hörmann Measham is a beautiful panelled Canopy garage door constructed from solid red cedar. This timber is one of the most robust in the world; strong enough to withstand extremes of temperature and harsh weather. As long as it’s finished and maintained with one of our 9 different woodstains (Rosewood, Golden Oak, Walnut, Ebony, Teak, Dark Oak, Light Oak, Mahogany or Medium Oak), then its life will be greatly extended by blocking moisture from damaging the wood whilst still letting it breathe.