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Looking For Something Bespoke or Unusual? Evander Can Help

When it comes to making your home your own, you probably have plenty of ideas about what you‘d like to implement or improve. Every home is different, as is every person who owns a property. What could be a dream improvement for some may be the last thing that someone else would want for their home, which is why we offer plenty of customisable options on many of our products, such as front doors and glass panels.

Unusual HouseSometimes, however, even the standard options we offer don’t quite meet the needs of those who have a specific idea for their home. As the homeowner has to live with their chosen home improvements and will be spending their hard-earned cash on the work, making sacrifices to the design and look is not really the most ideal scenario. For that reason we are always open to ideas on bespoke designs and to doing something that’s a little bit different to the norm.

Of course, bespoke orders do tend to take a little more time to manufacture than more ‘standard’ designs, and this is true of everything from garage doors to commercial glazing. If you have damage that needs repairing or if your home security is compromised, it’s always wise to get this sorted as a matter of urgency before thinking about something unique and different.

Cat Flaps Installed Within Glazing

Did you know you can have a cat flap fitted into glass? This is one common ‘unusual’ job that we carry out and is not widely known. It could be something to interest you if you have feline friends in the house but have a glazed door, or if it would be more convenient for you and your pets if the cat flap was placed within a window or patio door.

Cat Flap in Glazing

This is still a safe and secure way to let your pets have the freedom to come and go as they please, even though the cat flap itself is installed within the glazing unit. It’s completely watertight and doesn’t affect the security of the glazing itself.

Stained Glass

Stained and Leaded Glass

If you want to give your home more of a colourful or artistic look, then we can help with decorative window panes in practically any style or size. Replacing and repairing stained glass is something we’re able to help you with, as well as new designs created from scratch. You could simply want a small unit above your front door or something altogether larger and more artistic – we’d be happy to talk to you about your options. We recently completed this stained glass unit for a customer based near Bradford.

As you can see, the property itself is quite old, and this stained glass unit not only looks great, but is also in keeping with the style of the property whilst still giving the homeowners privacy due to the obscure glass used. Can you spot our Evander engineer cleaning up inside?

Unusually-Shaped Doors and Windows

Unusual Shaped DoorSome homes were built with interesting design features and although it’s not always practical, many people prefer to keep these original features, even when they need to modernise or upgrade.

This home in North London had a bespoke uPVC door fitted which follows the curve of the original doorway, rather than fitting a ‘normal’ door into the space and filling in the gaps, as with the house next door. As this door was made perfectly to measure, it keeps the entranceway secure and energy efficient, and the homeowners could also use a Patlock if they wanted to add an extra layer of security.

If you have some ideas for your home that are a little unusual or which have to take interesting design features into account then please get in touch. We’d be more than happy to conduct a free no obligation survey of your home to help you understand your options. We work closely with our suppliers and can help you with a solution to almost any design puzzle. Call us on 0345 145 0130 or use the contact form to get in touch.