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Everything You Need To Know About Automating Your Garage Door

Being able to open and close your garage door at the touch of a button is a luxury that used to be reserved for the very wealthy. It was something we saw in films and on TV, but it wasn’t common in ‘real life’. Nowadays however, automated garage doors can be very reasonably priced, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the convenience it brings.

Many garage doors now come with automatic opening as standard, such as our roller and sectional garage doors. Of course, these can be bought in manual versions if you’d prefer, but the motor will help to ensure your door is opened in a proper and balanced way every time, extending the life of the panel and the inner workings.

Man by using remote  opens garage

But what if you don’t want to buy a whole new garage door? Your current door may be perfectly serviceable for another few years, so it may make sense to modify what you have already got.

Can It Be Done?

Adding a motor to an existing garage door can be done, but it does depend on a number of factors. It will never work quite as efficiently as a door which was built and fitted with the motor included already, but it can work well enough to meet your needs for years to come if done properly.


Whether a motor will cope with your garage door is dictated by the age and weight of your door more than anything else. Older doors tend to be heavier and harder to use as the operating gear is less efficient than more modern installations. If your door is getting increasingly hard to lift and/or if it slams when it closes then the operating gear may need an upgrade before a motor is fitted.

Which Types of Door Can Be Upgraded?


All door types can be motorised, although canopy garage doors are a little trickier to modify as a bow arm conversion kit will need to be fitted. This can easily be added to a canopy door but the effectiveness will depend on a few factors. We offer a free survey which will give you a good idea of your options.

Retractable doors work similarly to canopy garage doors, but will not need a bow arm conversion kit due to the nature of the door movement. Adding a motor to retractable doors is relatively straightforward with the addition of a boom.

Sectional doors have a smooth opening motion already, so installing a motor is easily done. Adding a boom and motor, as with a retractable door, is an efficient and simple way to make operating your existing door more efficiently.

Roller doors can be a little trickier to automate as they may need to be disassembled and re-fitted again in order to fit the motors within the curtain roll. Some roller doors are easier to modify than others, which is why a survey by one of our experienced Evander engineers is always advisable – you may find it’s easier to motorise your door than you thought!

Our Motor Range

Here at Evander we’ve got 4 different door automation packages which each include all you need to get your door moving. Our packages start from a simple Bronze option (which gives you a chain drive motor, a wired bell push – to operate the door from inside the garage – and 2 remote handsets) and go all the way up to the Platinum package (includes a belt drive motor, 2 remote handsets, a wireless bell push, photocells and an external keypad) giving you plenty of choice a various costs.

Platinum Garage Door Security Package

If you’d like to purchase any of our digital packages, book a free survey, or if you simply want to ask us some questions about your options, then please call us on 0345 146 7001 or use our contact form.