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Adding Value To Your Home: Building A Garage

house with garage

You may have seen our recent infographic, which shows you all the ways you can add value to your home by making both big and small improvements. One of the more popular methods of boosting property value, and one which we cover in the infographic, is to build a garage for your home. You may feel that you don’t necessarily need a garage and that you’re doing fine without one; but you may be surprised at the myriad of benefits it can bring to you and others living in your household. A garage needn’t be a redundant space – you can use it to benefit you in many ways, not least by adding value to your property and therefore representing a good investment for the future.

Creating Space

garage use

Just because you’re building a garage, doesn’t mean that it has to house your vehicle. A garage can provide a useful space for bicycles, general storage, home gym equipment and for pursuing hobbies. By having this small amount of additional space, you can free up areas of your main home, or even take up an activity that you didn’t have the room for previously, as you could store anything within the garage space. Extra room which is not subject to the usual decorative ‘norms’ of the rest of your home can be extremely handy, especially if something (like a bicycle, motorbike or car, or a home appliance) needs fixing or working on under shelter. Additional room could also be a godsend to those who have children, as you could turn the garage into a games room or similar for rainy days. Giving your kids the freedom to play in a room where the décor is less important than in other rooms of the house can help to relieve boredom and keep them active, even when they can’t venture outside.

Adding Value

house value

The value that a garage could add to your home averages out at around 5-10% of the full property value. This means that, should you have a home worth £250,000, you could be adding between £12,500 and £25,000 to the final property value. This is clearly not an amount to be sniffed at, particularly when you consider that the average cost of building a garage from scratch is around £9,600. Of course, figures like this can fluctuate wildly throughout the country, and other factors – such as location and general upkeep – will naturally affect the value of your home.

As cost-effective home improvements go, however, building a garage is one of the best. This is because it represents a flexible space which a new family living in your home could utilise however they want to, whether that’s turning it into a fully functional room, using it for storage, or simply housing their vehicle(s) within it when they are not being used.

Reducing Costs


As well as helping you to add value to your property, a garage can also help you to save money in the longer term. Garages can do this in a number of ways, but the most obvious is that your car insurance premiums may well reduce dramatically if you’re using your garage for what it was intended; to keep your vehicle safe and secure. Insurance companies will offer lower premiums to motorists who keep their vehicles locked away in a garage, as this means they’re protected not just from thieves, but from the elements too. This means they’re much less likely to sustain damage that has to be claimed for, which saves the insurer money overall.

Another way that your garage could save you money over time is with heating and cooling bills. Where a garage is attached to the main home, an insulated garage door can help to regulate the temperature of the adjoining rooms and make it easier (and therefore cheaper) to heat in the colder months.

Keeping It Legal


When it comes to building any type of permanent structure on your property, you should check with your local authority to see whether you’ll require planning permission. The rules can vary depending on the materials, the location, the size and the look of your desired garage, and if you build it without the proper permissions you could be fined and ordered to take it down. If you live in a conservation area, an area of outstanding natural beauty or your home is listed, then you may be subject to different building laws. The fines for breaching these rules can be hefty, so it’s always advisable to check, even if you think it’s fine to build your new garage without.