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A Guide To The SWS Range Of Roller Garage Doors

In the last of our guides to the different garage door ranges we supply and fit, we have the SWS range of roller garage doors. Roller doors have been around for a long time, but have been traditionally used for industrial and commercial properties in the past. Now, due to improvements in usability, look and size, they’re becoming popular for residential garages too.

You may think that a roller door on a residential garage would look ugly and out of place, but you’d be surprised just how great they can look. SWS garage doors are constructed with both security and looks in mind, and with a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from, you can match up your new door to the style of your home, avoiding the more industrialised look you may be familiar with. So what’s so great about these SWS garage doors and why should you consider one over other garage door styles?

SWS Garage Doors

Thermally Efficient

SWS garage doors are constructed specifically for residential properties and a lot of thought, research and testing has gone into how thermally efficient they are. Energy efficiency is important to consider – especially if you store perishable items in your garage or if you use it as a hobby room or workshop. If your garage is attached to your home, then keeping the garage space a comfortable temperature can ensure that your heating bills stay low in the winter, and also means you won’t have to deal with a ‘heat sink’ in the summer, which can radiate warm air through the walls, making it uncomfortable in hot weather.

Our roller garage doors are constructed from twin walled insulated aluminium. This means that the door is made up of individual slats of strong aluminium with an insulating core. These are joined together with strong and flexible webbing to ensure that the door has high integrity, alignment and strength. SWS have put their garage doors through much research and testing, and these roller garage doors are the result of years of innovation.

Garage Energy Efficiency

Space Saving

Roller garage doors are one of the best types of door you can get when it comes to saving space both in and out of the garage itself. Rather than protrude from the opening when opened or closed as up & over garage doors do, roller doors open by moving directly upwards; leaving you with the maximum room on either side. This means that you can park right up to the door and it will still open unobstructed.  The opening mechanism itself is situated at the very top of the door. When the door is opened, the whole panel rolls around itself to create a compact cylinder either above, within or outside the top of the opening. This means you have no internal mechanism reducing your drive through width or taking up room on the ceiling of your garage.

For small garages, or for those who don’t have a lot of room between the lintel and the garage ceiling, roller doors can be installed in-between or outside the opening itself. This is where you would need a ‘box’ to protect the roll – a half box for those mounted within the opening and a full box for those mounted outside. Our Evander surveyor local to you will be able to advise you of the best placement for your door when he/she comes to take measurements and discuss your needs as part of our free, no obligation survey.



SWS garage doors are the only doors which come with electronic opening as standard (this is an added option for tracked and sectional garage doors). Roller garage doors lend themselves well to electronic opening and do not require a large motor & driving arm to be situated on the ceiling of the garage – instead, the motor is situated within the roll itself, saving further space. With just the touch of a button, you can open your door from within your car; perfect for saving time and avoiding the temperamental British weather!


SWS Roller 77mm Laminated Half Box

No longer a mainstay of industrial and commercial units, roller garage doors have a wide variety of finishes available so that you can perfectly match yours to the style of your home. Although they can be more modern in appearance when given a plain colour finish, the ‘laminated’ SWS garage doors come with a choice of woodgrain foil finishes, which mimic the look of real timber slats. This can transform what used to be a somewhat characterless garage door design into a more traditional style door – perfect for older or more rustic homes which would prefer to benefit from the insulating properties and modern operation of a roller garage door.