10 reasons why your home will not sell

Selling a home in the UK takes an average of 8-12 weeks depending on where you live, and some properties may sit on the market for much longer if a buyer cannot be found. The quicker you can sell your

Why do my windows and doors have condensation?

As we move into autumn and the outside temperature drops, many households experience condensation on their windows and patio doors. Some households may even find that they suffer from condensation all year round, no matter whether they have double or

Ask the Evander Expert: Garage Door FAQs

Which garage doors are the most secure? All new garage doors from reputable manufacturers and suppliers will have a high basic level of security as standard. However, sometimes a more robust and security-proven garage door is required. Perhaps you’ve been

Do I need planning permission?

A common question put to us by our customers, whether they’re having their front door repaired, a new patio door installed, or they’re changing the type of garage door they have, is do I need planning permission? Here at Evander

How Much Do Roller Garage Doors Cost?

Evander now offers roller garage doors from two different manufacturers, giving our customers more choice when it comes to colours and finishes, as well as making roller doors suitable for a wider range of budgets. Read on for further information