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How Do I Prepare For A Garage Door Fitting?

Having a new garage door fitted is something that you may only do once or twice, so you may not know exactly how to prepare. What you’ll need to do depends on the type of door you’ve ordered, but there are also a few general guidelines that should be taken into consideration before the engineers arrive with your brand new door panel. Read our do’s and don’ts below.

Evander Employee

Garage Door Preparation Guidelines

  • Make sure there’s enough space inside the garage

Remove your vehicle and any other items from inside your garage. If you can’t take everything out, then ensure it’s pushed against the back wall and is not a trip hazard. Our engineers will need room at both sides and above the door to install the opening mechanism and to have room to manoeuvre the door into place. A minimum of 2 metres of space within the garage is required.

  • Make sure there’s enough space outside the garage

If you’re having a Canopy or Retractable garage door installed, then the door panel itself will swing outwards when opened. In order to give our engineers plenty of space and to leave room for the opening and closing of the door, please remove any obstructions from directly outside the garage entranceway, up to at least 2 metres.

  • Make sure there’s somewhere for our engineers to park

The closer we can park to your property the better, as many of our garage doors are very heavy! Our engineers will require the use of your driveway (if you have one) and no less than 2 metres in front of your garage. Evander engineers will arrive in a branded van and will be wearing Evander uniforms.

  • Don’t try to help by dismantling your door first

Although you may want to help, it’s best if you leave the work to our engineers. Please don’t try to dismantle your garage door before they arrive as you may damage the frame or cause injury. The inner workings of a garage door can be dangerous if not dismantled properly and, as mentioned above; the panel itself can be extremely heavy.

  • Make sure there are no shelves in the way for Up & Over and Sectional doors

If you’re having a Canopy, Retractable or Sectional door installed, then the door itself will move up and back either partly or fully into the headroom of your garage space. Please ensure you don’t have shelves or other wall fixings in the way of where your new door is going to go. This is usually only a problem for those who are changing the opening style of their door. If you’re unsure about what may be in the way, then please ask your dedicated Evander surveyor during your free survey.

  • Make sure the power supply is accessible for automated doors

If you’re having an automatic door fitted then >you’ll need to ensure our engineers can reach your power supply easily to be able to install this. Our surveyor should have located this during your fee survey. Roller doors and Sectional doors come with an automatic motor as standard (although you’re more than welcome to choose a manual option) and Retractable doors can be automated using one of our digital packages.